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Defect analysis for the inside of products with Non-Destructive Testing (X-ray CT Scanning)

Managing Director
Previously we have mentioned that internal defects can be predicted as the casting quality risk by utilizing a casting simulation software.

So, the next question is if the simulation result is really correct. We are not able to see it from the outside. In order to verify, we have to cut the casting workpiece however the defect may potentially just not locate at the cut section or may locate at the same cut section with the same width as the blade which cut off.

Industrial X-ray/CT inspection equipment is exactly the same principle as we can see it in the hospital. The equipment itself does not rotate but the casting workpiece on the turntable does. Lately, the advanced image software technology such as noise filtering delivers a very clear image of internal defect without cutting. The equipment is called Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Machines. Casting industry is one of major market for its machine sales. Not only for a quality assurance of casting products but during the casting trial before the mass production, the casting piece can be inspected by X-ray or CT and correct immediately if there is any defect.

Our company also handle X-ray CT inspection equipment. In fact, the data obtained by CT scanning is extensively useful, and not only the internal defect inspection but also the whole product shape can be scanned and used for a dimensional measurement just as non-contact 3D measurement. It may be difficult to inspect the deep inside of holes in the casting workpiece by a non-contact 3D laser scanner or camera, but it can be by a CT scanning.

In addition, it also can be used for inspecting the parts placement, lack of parts or disconnection after assembly. One of the impression of X-ray CT inspection equipment may be a very expensive equipment. We provide CT scanning service at case by case basis when customer required.

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Figure: Automatically detect internal defects by software after CT scanning. The color represents the size of the defect.

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