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3D inspection and 3D modeling by Non-contact 3D measurement (3D Scan)

Managing Director

Our company was founded in Bangkok in 2009, and it will be the eighth year of this year. Since its establishment, we have offered non-contact 3D measuring instruments and 3D inspection services to our customers.

As specific services, it include 3D data capturing (3D scan), 3D inspection reporting by aligning both 3D scan and 3D CAD model as well as 3D modeling service which we create 3D CAD model from the 3D scanning data (reverse modeling) through non-contact 3D measuring of products or molds with a laser or a camera. There are various methods and performance in non-contact 3D measuring instruments.

We have specifically focused on the segment of 20μ~ 30μ(0.02mm~0.03mm) as the measuring accuracy. This accuracy, in general, is an over performance for plastic parts and, on the other hand, is not enough for the machining surface measurement. Perhaps therefore we have received measuring requests for mainly as-cast materials such as crankcase, cylinder head which are placed around the engine as well as wheels. As a result, our majority of customers are in the casting industry.

Especially in Thailand, Motorcycle OEMs were highly interested in non-contact 3D inspection at that time. So, we provided non-contact 3D laser probes, retrofitting with customer’s existing CMM mainly in Japanese manufacturer. After that, we started receiving inquiries from motorcycle parts suppliers. Today’s non-contact 3D measuring instruments have quite a high accuracy even with the handy type therefore customer has many choices of measuring instruments.

We are not a distributor of specific equipment, but we introduce various types of non-contact 3D measuring equipment through discussing with customers then we propose equipment suitable for the purpose. Additionally, not only selling the equipment, but we also conduct 3D measurement services at case by case basis. If there are any points where customer was not able to inspect or evaluate before, customer can try using 3D inspection report. An easy to understand color-coded evaluation report can allow sharing product issues from department staff to manager. Also, the cause of the problem can be identified from the distribution of colors, and the time to fix would be ​​shortened. We recommend to try 3D inspection report first and realize its effect, then consider the instrument implementation.

Figure: 3D inspection report. 3D scan data and 3D CAD data are aligned and displayed in different colors. Yellow and red have deformation that bulges than 3D CAD data, or thick places. Blue represents a dent or thin part.

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