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【3D Printing Business in Thailand】Activities in Prototyping by 3D Printer

Managing Director

Our company provides engineering products and services using 3D data.  In the previous articles, I have explained about 3D inspection report and internal defect analysis by Non-contact 3D measurement including CT scanning and also about Casting CAE simulation analysis using casting conditions as its parameters. Unlike those service which has a report made by software, 3D printing service is the one which has a physical deliverable in our service.  

Various Output Methods and Materials by Manufacturer and Application

3D printing is also known as Additive Manufacturing which is a method depositing a material by layer and layer. It always gets customer’s attention regardless actually use it or not. Briefly explaining, 3D printers uses resin which is equivalent to ink or cartridges of printers in daily office. There is thermoplastic resin (which melts when the temperature goes up) and UV curable resin (which hardened in a short time by exposed to UV light) as the types of resin and there is a 3D printer apparatus of the type corresponding to each.  As its mechanism, there are methods of extruding the material to the print head, multi-jetting, binding or sintering to solidify a specific part in the material and they are varied from manufacturer to manufacturer. The differences in 3D print result are strength, material, colour variations, accuracy and simplicity of the post-process etc.

Possibility of 3D Business Tailored to Customer's Needs in Thailand

Our 3D printing business is both the equipment sale and the 3D printing service on a case by case basis. As an ordering process of 3D printing service, after receiving 3D data from customer, we calculate the amount of requirement for resin and support materials by software and submit the quotation. Once it’s confirmed, we will proceed for prototyping exactly as 3D data.   As a demand for 3D printing, Making prototypes in the R & D department is the first thing come to mind. However, since our customers are mainly factories, as other uses for example, advance the schedule for preparing the packaging and the jigs using 3D print samples for upcoming mass production even before the die/mould production.  In addition, since wax is also available as its material option, 3D printing can be directly used as a wax pattern which will eliminate time for lost-wax casting process.

3D printing with precision shape by UV-curable resin

Handling the 3D Prototypes

We frequently receive questions about the accuracy of 3D printed items. When customer’s accuracy requirement is high, we use ultraviolet curable resin which can deposit a material by 16μ layer. However, there are cases where deformation occurs if the 3D printed items are being placed outdoor and exposed under the sunlight for a very long time. The accuracy specification stated in the catalogue is based on just after printing, so handling them must be with cared. As mentioned above, there is wax also in the material list so when we deliver the 3D printed model, we keep it in a car with air conditioned and keep attention to the temperature. If possible, we try to deliver it in the morning and make sure the driver does not go for a lunch while leaving 3D printed items in the car during the middle of delivery. 3D printed deliverables are paid careful attention by us as a 3D business professional.

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