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  • Sales of “ADSTEFAN” - Japan made casting simulation software - in Thailand

Sales of “ADSTEFAN” - Japan made casting simulation software - in Thailand

Managing Director

We also have begun to sell a casting simulation software "ADSTEFAN" since 2012 as our main customers are in casting industry.

ADSTEFAN is specifically an analysis software that simulates the molten metal flow and solidification behavior in the mold based on 3D CAD model and casting conditions then visualize it in 3D.

PC simulation enables to predict some potential defect such as internal defects before the actual manufacturing. Internal defects mean blowholes which caused by mainly entrapped air and porosities (a void caused by shrinkage where the molten metal solidified at the end).

ADSTEFAN is a famous software used by many foundries in Japan and we are supporting in sales and service in South-East Asia where the number of installation is expected to glow.What we felt through the sales activity was that, also the same feeling in the inspection service though, we completed the job by seeing customer’s anxious face when some problem was detected. In case of the simulation, when the result was not good such as some defect was highly expected. Simulation software is basically to figure out the expected casting result from the material properties, casting parameters and boundary condition settings and it’s not the other way around.

Customer always ask how to solve the problem defect. One customer told that it is not the solution if the software does not tell the answer for it. Today we offer a support for designing casting gate and runner layout, and building a defect countermeasure with an experienced casting consultant in order to address customers’ problem.

Not only providing what-if analysis on the PC simulation but we widely support such as a training to understand the casting simulation result as a theory and build a countermeasure beyond the casting parameter setting.


Figure: Flow simulation results. The arrival of the molten metal flow in the right side is slower. Flow behavior can be visualized in animation.

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