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Non-Contact 3D Measuring Equipments

There are various selection of non-contact 3D measuring equipments such as handy 3D scanner, portable arm as well as laser probe for CMM depending on the shape of workpiece or the required accuracy. All the 3D scanned data can be equally used for 3D inspection or 3D modeling

Non-Destractive Testing (X-ray/CT Scan) Machines

Various non-destructive testing machines such as high penetrating minifocus X-ray and high resolution microfocus X-ray, complex shaped product feature and internal defect can be analized. High speed and high precision equipment will support productive inspecion process and product quality management

Casting Analysis

Designing of the casting process has been relying on casting engineers' experience and intuition. Therefore, it has required a lot of time and cost for designing and modifying the die and casting layout. Casting simulation software can predict the potencial casting defect in advance which will reduce the number of trials, development cycle and improve the quality.

3D Printing

3D printing by plastic, wax and metals or 3D printing in full color. The wide range of 3D printing technology will assist customer's prototyping which enables to reduce time and cost comparing with the traditional prototyping method. It will bring an advantage in R&D and production process of customer.
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