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  • [Thailand - CAD/CAM] Easy operation CAM system 'CAM-TOOL PRIME+' that can create NC data with just a few clicks (Part 1)

[Thailand - CAD/CAM] Easy operation CAM system 'CAM-TOOL PRIME+' that can create NC data with just a few clicks (Part 1)


In recent years in Japan, legislation and regulations on working hours such as "workstyle reform" have started to be enforced earnestly. Ways to develop human resources at sites of mold manufacturing has become a major issue, which is a challenge not only in Japan, but also in East Asia and ASEAN countries. These difficulties include inheriting technologies due to the decrease in manufacturing population, and a chronic shortage of CAD/CAM operators. On top of that, the recent ferocity of the new Coronavirus is expected to force people to live in a "New Normal" environment that may lead to rapid changes in various industries in the future.

In order to solve these problems by "quickly creating" "high-precision and safe NC data" we introduce "CAM-TOOL ES Option" which was advance released in the East Asia region in the fall 2018 as an optional command of our main product, the integrated CAD/CAM system "CAM-TOOL",. It was further brushed up by equipping the ES option to the CGS overseas strategic product middle range CAD/CAM system, "CAM-TOOL PRIME," and is now being released in the ASEAN region as "CAM-TOOL PRIME+ (plus)".

CAM-TOOL series ~ Introduction of the "CAM-TOOL PRIME+" functions

The CAM-TOOL series is a multi-functional mold system integrated with CAD/CAM based on the concept of "Free and flexible mold manufacturing as you wish." Regardless of the model type, from large molds to ultra-fine machining fields, many mold manufacturers and consumer goods manufacturers have used it, and we have a track record of approximately 350 licenses installed in the ASEAN region.

【High-end system CAM-TOOL】

▲Surface modeler type CAD/CAM system for molds
We support everything from drilling, simultaneous 5-axis, to additive manufacturing to meet the increasingly sophisticated and diversified needs of mold technology.

【Middle range system CAM-TOOL PRIME】

▲A professional 3D CAD/CAM system that pursues high productivity, labor savings and cost reduction, while equipped with a solid track record, reliability, and carefully selected functions of CAM-TOOL. of CAM-TOOL

【CGS overseas strategic product CAM-TOOL PRIME+】

■Command array that displays the machining shape in a large size and enables NC creation with minimal operation.
■By constructing and using each company's know-how and tooling information as a "machining template", cutting works with "no variation" by operators are realized.
■NC data optimization function and machining simulation are equipped as standard functions. Secure and efficient NC data can be created through flow work.
■Multiple machining shapes can be calculated at once, greatly reducing the waiting time for CAM calculations.

In order to improve the operability of CAM-TOOL PRIME+, we have prepared a demonstration video that can also reflect the operation as a shop floor type.

This is a PR video of the collaboration machining demonstration of the consumer goods manufacturer taken at the MAZAK THAILAND showroom. Our engineers used CAM-TOOL PRIME+ to create electrode machining NC data and processed it with a MAZAK VC-PRIMOS 400 SG.

▲ Tool catalogs from major manufacturers equipped as standard.

▲Optimization -Automatically creates safe and efficient NC data in the flow of CAM calculation .

▲Actual processing

CAM-TOOL PRIME+ not only templates from rough shaping to the cutting conditions and tool shapes of the finishing process, but it can also store the machining range; including cutting height and the setting of the cutting simulation. This makes it possible to create secure NC data that does not interfere with the 3D model (Iges, Step, Parasolid data, etc.) requested by the design department without performing any special operations and simply by selecting the template.

To be continued to Part 2

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