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DISS recommended! Image analysis software to be active in a variety of fields

About Digital Image Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd.
With the evolution of IT technology, the business efficiency and labor-saving by computer is practiced in various industries and business categories. Also in recent years, the visual equipment represented by the camera has undergone drastic evolution. Many of the things that relied on human eyes for inspection in the past have been made more efficient by advancing image analysis technology. MITANI CORPORAITION Visual System, the parent company of our Digital Image Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. (DISS), has been working with image analysis software "WinROOF series" for over 30 years as the forerunner in Japanese image analysis solution, and we will continue to meet the needs of various industries. DISS will provide and support image analysis solutions through sales of packaged software, systems, and devices in Thailand and other ASEAN countries with the accumulated trust and achievements as our strength. At this time, DISS will introduce the software recommended with confidence, which is the best for image analysis and image inspection.

New standard of Image analysis software「WinROOF2015」
In response to customers' voices and needs accumulated over 30 years by MITANI CORPORATION, the image analysis and measurement software WinROOF series, which is also synonymous with our company name, has been reborn and upgraded with the theme of 'user's most convenient and most familiar software'. It is the software which fully supports customer business in the analysis evaluation of all kinds of images. WinROOF2015 that DISS introduces here not only has WinROOF functions from previous versions but also adds new features. Language display is switchable between Japanese and English. This function also supports use in Thailand. WinROOF2015 model series provides two variations; "WinROOF 2015 Standard" is available with all standard functions; "WinROOF 2015 Lite" equips frequently used basic functions only. For details of WinROOF2015, click here.

Detailed information on WinROOF2015

Biomarker image analysis software「Patholoscope」
It is an analysis software for the immunostaining image developed by DISS original core technology. Patholoscope was developed for the purpose of simple operability and burden reduction on workers. It automatically analyzes Ki-67 and ER / PgR・HER 2, and supports biomarker image analysis work. In addition to general image files, it is also able to read Ndpi files taken with the virtual slide scanner NanoZoomer series by Hamamatsu Photonics and analyze those images. The high-speed cell count function (Ki-67, ER/PgR) extracts the positive and negative cells on the image and automatically calculates the percentage of the cell count in just a few seconds. It is applicable to Ki-67, ER/PgR. By support of this software, the time-consuming visual counting work can be greatly improved. In addition, cell membrane extraction function (HER2) extracts the cell membrane and performs arbitrary ranking according to the staining concentration of the cell membrane. It can also be applied to HER2. It achieves quantitative ranking by image processing rather than by visual qualitative ranking. In addition, the unique algorithm cultivated by DISS over many years has the ability to distinguish and count the thin negative cells and overlapping cells that could not be done with normal image processing.

Detailed information on Patholoscope

3-D image measurement software 3D Measurement
3D Measurement is a software that can display the images including height data in three dimensions and performs various measurements. It is possible to perform measurements while confirming the measurement point in a realistic 3-D space, so accurate measurement results are obtained by intuitive operation. The basic profile measurement by 3D Measurement made it possible to simplify measurement of height and angle. Also, by using the extended profile function, a variety of measurements are available to perform on the cross-sectional shape of the 3D data. Transfer images, graphs and results after measurement to Excel with a single click. Anyone can easily create reports, and significantly shorten the time it takes to create a report.

Detailed information on 3DMeasurement

Image enhancing software「MagicalFine」
MagicalFine is image enhancement software without alias based on the Differential Hysteresis Processing (DHP) algorithm developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in USA. The Differential Hysteresis Processing algorithms gives crisp images that cannot be obtained by general brightness or image enhancing by spatial filter. In unsharp mask processing, which is a common spatial filter, extracts high frequency edges from the original image by applying one unsharp mask to the original image. On the other hand, the Differential Hysteresis Processing (DHP) applies two masks at the same time and applies each to the original image. This process makes it possible to effectively suppress the local bias distribution of the original image.

Detailed information on MagicalFine

Example of image enhancement

In addition to the above, items are available, such as surface analysis, metal crystals suitable for the manufacturing industry including automobile and electronic equipment industry, software active in the medical field such as image analysis and inspection of cancer and cells. If you have trouble with image analysis, please feel free to contact Digital Image Solutions Singapore (DISS).