The various software line-ups includes image analysis and measurement software "WinROOF", image enhancing software, 3D image measurement software, and many more. It is possible to respond to "analysis" needs, such as image analysis, image inspection, and particle analysis.
We have a large selection of image analysis software, and we can propose an existing package system that meets customer's requirements in a wide range of fields, including medicine, engineering, pharmaceutical science and material analysis. We propose an advanced analysis system such as a Non-contact high-speed 3-D surface shape analyzing system.
Microscope cameras and microscopes useful for image inspection, image analysis and analysis, as well as optical adapters in conjunction with the iPhone are provided. Unique and fully original products make image inspection easier and more comfortable, and let the inspection level evolve to the next stage.
Also consult DISS about the solutions for image analysis, analysis and inspection. DISS provides the best solution—from proposals to support for customers who are considering various subjects such as visual inspection, automated image analysis and sharing of inspection results.