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  • High-performance vertical machining center realized with customer first principles.

High-performance vertical machining center realized with customer first principles.

Managing Director

Enshu has an established reputation for our vertical machining center with main spindle No. 30. We will provide detailed information on the vertical machining center; “WE30Ve” with high torque, high rigidity, high accuracy and also space-save, and “WE30Ve2APC” equipped with the automatic pallet changing device (APC).

”Enshu” is a long-established machine tool manufacturer, founded in 1920, with headquarters in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. We produce and sell machining centers, system machines and laser beam machines, actively expanding our business overseas. In 1997, we established Thailand's local affiliate "Enshu (Thailand)" and also launched the manufacturing sector in 2003. We provide total support from manufacturing and sales to after care.

Our main product in Thailand is a vertical machining center manufactured at our factory. In order to realize our “Enshu” mind with a quality first attitude, we import the most critical parts, such as control devices, ball screws and spindles from Japan. We have conducted the inspections on finished products as strictly as they are performed in Japan.

Among our vertical machining centers, “WE30Ve” is the global model with high performance and functional beauty. It has the highest level of high torque in the class of the 30th main spindle taper on the compact body. It has a design that pursues a comfortable working environment and efficiency of workers in addition to a large-capacity easy-to-use processing area. It also has excellent cost performance for global supply. “WE30Ve2APC” is an option for this machine, and it comes with automatic pallet changer (APC) for saving even more manpower.

It is important to arrange the specification of vertical machining center depending on our customer needs. We, “Enshu”, are confident to realize your needs and requests including special specifications, customization around jigs, trial processing and so on. We also strongly believe that the aftercare is indispensable for maintaining our customer’s smooth production. We have worked on strengthening the maintenance organizational systems of Japanese and Thai people, and those service staff visit our client every day. “Enshu (Thailand)” will keep making an effort in order to keep providing the products which best match with market needs and help solve our customer’s problems.

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WE30Ve 2APC Spec

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