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[Unveil Auto Loading Option for WE30Ve / METALEX] Enshu (Thailand), manufacturing and selling Machining Center.

Samurai Editorial Department

Enshu (Thailand) is part of Enshu Group that manufactures automated machine (CNC) that has earned long reputation and will have 100-year-anniversary in upcoming year 2020. From long history and reputation on quality, Enshu (Thailand) has been established to support business industry in Thailand and this region. This has been 22nd year that Enshu has been operating in Thailand, by manufacturing and selling Machining Center with employees who are fully knowledgeable and with service-mind. This time, we will get to know Enshu (Thailand) through the interview with 2 quality employees.

Left: Mr. Sittichai Kuparsitgul / Assistant Sales Manager
Right: Mr. Vichien Phungmanus / Service Manager  

Roles & Responsibilities at Enshu “To utilize our products in the most efficient way”

Mr.Sittichai :My responsibility is to introduce our products to our customers so that they can choose the appropriate machines based on their requirements, and can utilize our products in the most efficient way. The majority of our customers are in the car parts manufacturing, etc.

Mr.Vichien: My responsibility is in after-sales service and maintenance, in which I will give advice/suggestions to customers regarding machine usage application, machines maintenance. By that our customers can utilize the machines safely and in most efficient way. I also give advice and take care of machines’ spare parts in case of any customers’ contact regarding troubleshoots, when we have a team to support customers immediately.

Strengths of Enshu (Thailand) : “Japanese machine brand that has an operation and has an assembly plant in Thailand”

Mr.Sittichai: Our strength is that we are Japanese machine brand that has an operation and has an assembly plant in Thailand. Moreover, we have service team to support customers who use our products. For sure, the products that are assembled in Thailand, we will have spare parts to service customers. Therefore, when customers urgently need spare parts, we can provide the service immediately.

“Service team that supports customers for 24 hours”. Also support customers in ASEAN countries

Mr. Vichien: Regarding after-sale service, we have service team that supports customers for 24 hours. In case of any urgent requests, we have spare parts to support right away. Besides, we take care of Thailand and Southeast Asia, where service base is located in Thailand. We take care of Enshu products for Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and India. These are our strengths.

Highlight of ENSHU (THAILAND) at METALEX 2019

■Booth Information Hall:101 Booth:BG21

Mr. Sittichai: สFor METALEX 2019 event that will be held in this November. Our highlight in 2019 is that we have made additional option for Series BT30 Model WE30Ve, in this era automated machine has been a major trend in industrial processing. That’s why we developed Auto Loading to support this part of processing. We will showcase this machine to address customers’ need in case they want to have input and output from the automated machine without having to use human labor. In our booth exhibition. We will demonstrate this auto loading feature with Model WE30Ve that has the aforementioned Option.

This Option is the highlight of model WE30Ve, and if compared cost with Robot Loading, this yields lower cost and has similar performance to Robot Loading. This is the key highlight that Enshu wants to showcase in this event. We would like to invite you who are interested in automation to visit our Enshu booth in Metalex 2019 event during 20-23 November, at BITEC Bangna.

Vertical Machining Center WE30Ve

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