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METALEX 2019 Exhibition Report! New product

Samurai Editorial Department

ENSHU (Thailand), which produces and sells machining centers in Thailand, exhibited at METALEX 2019, the largest machine tool exhibition in Southeast Asia, held from November 20 to 23.

ENSHU (Thailand), which produces and sells machining centers in Thailand

New Product E-LOADER at METALEX 2019 –ENSHU (Thailand) Limited

▲In the video, comments were received from President Yamashita of ENSHU Limited (Japan) and other executive members.

Mr. Haruo Yamashita / President and CEO, ENSHU Limited
"We will celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2020. We entered Thailand in 1997 and have been manufacturing and selling mainly vertical machining since 2003. We are to provide products and services in Thailand and ASEAN."

Mr. Hirokazu Katsukura / Representative Director, Exective Vice President & Exective General Manager of Administrative Center, ENSHU Limited
"We have developed machine equipped with ‘E-Loader’. We hope to support automation investment of manufacturing people."

Mr. Norihisa Tabata / Managing Director, Enshu (Thailand) Limited
"'E-Loader' is a device that can easily and inexpensively transfer workpieces using the X-axis movement of the machining center. We can recommend it to customers with confidence."

In addition, we were able to talk to Mr. Sittichai, a sales assistant manager at ENSHU (Thailand), about the purpose of participating in this exhibition.

Mr. Sittichai Kuprasit, Assistant Manager, Sales Department

 Enshu (Thailand) booth

Purpose of ENSHU (Thailand) to exhibit: Demonstration of an auto-loading machine that enhances user convenience

"The purpose to exhibit is to demonstrate an auto-loading machine that enhances convenience when loading and unloading products. This machine replaces the loading work that was previously done by humans which can contribute to labor saving. This auto-loading machine is called ‘E-Loader’ and is introduced as an option to be installed on our machine tools. We want many of you to know.

In addition, we would like to collect various opinions from those who are interested and continue to develop the parts that can further improve the usability for users." Mr. Sittichai thus sees METALEX as an important opportunity not only to demonstrate new products, but also to get user feedback.

 Enshu (Thailand) booth

▲Enshu (Thailand) booth

"I would like people to actually see Enshu's machines and feel the strength, durability, and convenience."

Mr. Sittichai further commented, "I would like everyone to actually see our machines and feel the strength and durability. In addition, I think it's very important for people to actually see the movement and convenience of the new option ‘E-Loader’ exhibited." The strength of Enshu (Thailand) is that it manufactures machinery locally in Thailand. He says "Not only at the exhibition, but whenever you are interested, come look at the machine."

Regarding the response of visitors to "E-Loader", Mr. Sittichai says “Many people stopped by our booth and asked for more information. I was able to feel everyone’s strong interest."

Enshu will continue to develop systems that lead to automation and labor savings. If you are interested in Enshu's vertical machining center or “E-Loader”, please contact us using the form below.

Enshu (Thailand)

Inquiry Form

Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

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