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  • We are waiting for many customers to show our Vertical Machining Center at the PR! METALEX Enshu Booth.

We are waiting for many customers to show our Vertical Machining Center at the PR! METALEX Enshu Booth.

Sittichai Kuparsitgul
Assistant Sales Manager

Last year was 20 years after "Enshu", which is a machine tool manufacturer and the headquarter of which is located in Hamamatsu City, advanced into Thailand. The vertical type No. 30 machining center "EV 360 Te", ensures a wide space equivalent to a high column specification machine as its standard specification. The vertical type No. 30 machining center "WE30Ve", has a reputation for rigidity. We are also producing the vertical type No. 40 machining center, the "EV 450 Te", which has high speed and high rigidity, and its production quantity is very high. For all these machining centers, the main components thereof (NC, ball screw, LM guide etc.) are purchased from Japan, but such machining centers are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, Japan, etc. Enshu Thailand has grown to be an important production base of the Group. In late November, we will also exhibit them at METALEX 2018, an international trade show held in Bangkok, aiming to make further progress. We have asked Mr. Keng, the Assistant Sales Manager and the young leader of the Thai sales team, who has been with our Company for nine years, to talk about our aspirations.

After joining the Company in 2010, I have consistently engaged in sales positions. We have recommended our products with confidence and maintained the best maintenance system. I think that this is the greatest mission which has been imposed on us. Just by selling and installing machines, our work will not be over. We support daily production activities of our customers and lead them to the highest degree. I think that the true value of our service staff is being evaluated.
Our Company's highly recommended and main product, the "WE 30 Ve", enables adjacent placement of machines with left-right maintenance free design. This improves productivity by reducing the distance traveled by the workers. We can effectively utilize limited factory space. Nevertheless, this product’s high performance and high quality may implement processing close to the No. 40, which is the higher-level machine of our Company. This is the reason why we are receiving high evaluation from our customers.

In addition, we receive special specifications according to customer's request. Various options, such as painting with a designated color, installation of flexible rod switches etc., and touch probes, are prepared according to the cutting work. We deal with one by one very carefully. This is possible because the machines are produced locally in our Thailand factory. Here the strength of sales force is hidden.

From the stage of the temporary production adjustment, the Thai market is gradually showing signs of recovery. The number of inquiries has increased across a wide range of fields, such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic and electrically machinery, and so on. It can be regarded as a unique characteristic of the Thai market which has extensive support industries. We also want to contribute to such domestic demand.

That is why this opportunity is the best place to show our products at METALEX. We take it as a great opportunity for us to show our products. It is my 5th year in charge. Now, I am asked to handle the booth's design, the exhibition of our products, and the overall planning. This year, we also have a bar counter in our 100 m² booth. We look forward to our customers’ visit with our fashionable clothes.

METALEX also leads to increase the motivation of our Thai staff. It is also important to raise individual skills, such as mastering skills and improving our marketing capabilities, and our growth as a team is indispensable. As the Assistant Sales Manager, I would like many people to visit our Enshu Booth.

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