Vertical Machining Center equipped with APC (Automatic Pallet Changer)

WE30Ve 2APC Spec

Machining center with compact and high performance 2APC system

Machining center equipped with APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) in WE30Ve which combines high function and compactness, and has high class torque and an easy-to-use large capacity processing area. They work well not only for shortening production time of work processing and improving efficiency, but also contributing to the labor saving of the factory.
The APC (Automatic Pallet Changer) table adopts the pallet system. It changes jigs for each pallet, so the setup change is quick. Since the table is separated, the vibration at the time of processing won't be directly transmitted.
· The machine width is compact at 1,330 mm, but various devices can be mounted because the pallet working surface is widely secured by 500 mm × 380 mm.

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