Companies typically use the internet to collect the information when they search for potential customers. In Japan, many companies invest in pulling-in more customers on the internet. On the other hand, many overseas affiliates do not have enough resources to implement online marketing. Local companies in Thailand place more importance on web marketing than Japanese local companies.

If your company does not use online marketing, you might be losing your potential customers. Especially for Japanese companies in Thailand, target market and customers are limited, thus web marketing will benefit those companies who optimize the technology. Samurai Factory will develop websites together with our customers and utilize the web marketing lead to future success.





Comparison to the Existing Marketing

Scheme aimed at acquiring access from potential customers Speedy businesses due to inquiries coming in directly from websites Possible to validate the effect of advertisements


Traditional marketing:

A manpower activity by sales persons Paper-based company profile and product catalog Advertisements on paper media such as industry and specialty magazines



How can we help your business?

1. Use as Your Own Company Website

You can transmit company and product information.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to be displayed in a higher rank by a search engine like Google in order to increase the access. Especially in Thailand, it is crucial to appear in a higher rank because the Japanese company related keywords are limited to a niche market and its search demand itself is few. We will strategically select your target keywords and help you to rank up in the search engine.

3. Brochure Download

If you have product brochures and share its PDF data to us, we will help you introduce download function with an inquiry form. After a user input information, download will start. You can use the information for sales activities. We can also create a brochure in Thai.



Operating Companies


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