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  • Start selling high performance element-less filtration device “FILSTAR” in Thailand.

Start selling high performance element-less filtration device “FILSTAR” in Thailand.

Kensuke Goto
Don’t forget the origin, create good products for the environment and customer companies.
Industria is manufacturing and sells industrial filters and others. Initially, the company name "Industria" was the product name. Kazuaki Takahashi, the president of the headquarters, said, "Since Japan's high technology has been built by the town factory, as "Industria" meaning a town factory, I won’t forget this origin". Then it is adapted as our company name since 2005 Our customers receive high evaluation from our high performance filtration equipment, and our share in this market is achieved 70%.

Among our products, the high performance filtration device "FILSTAR", which announced in 2003, is highly appreciated. "FILSTAR" developed utilizing proprietary technology instantly purifies liquid using centrifugal force and water pressure without having elements in ordinary filtration device. The filtration accuracy is 98% at maximum. Also, due to the less-element, there is no need for maintenance, realizing zero industrial waste. Furthermore, purchasing expenses for replacement filters and labor costs for replacement work can be kept to zero. Some customers have succeeded in reducing costs by more than 8 million baht per year. It is used in various places such as coolant of machine tools and filtration of factory wastewater.

We are aggressively expanding overseas since our founding, and we are expanding into Korea, China, Hong Kong, the UK and Indonesia. We established a subsidiary in Thailand in June 2002, where is the industrial cluster such as automobiles. Immediately after advancement in Thailand, we faced a slump in the automobile industry, but we believed in the growth potential of products that contribute to the improvement of the global environment and we continued our business in Thailand.

As future business development, we will increase customers such as factories involved in automobile production for a while. But in any case, we would like to grow the water treatment business of ASEAN as a whole including Thailand. There is no great pleasure for us that our water treatment technology will be useful to the people of ASEAN. Regarding industrial waste, in industrialized countries of ASEAN including Thailand, we think that they cannot afford to think about the processing of industrial waste at the current status, but focusing on improving productivity. However, we think that the awareness and approach to the global environment in Thailand and ASEAN markets will definitely change in the coming years. We will continue to make good products for people, the environment and customer companies.

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