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FILSTAR Product Introduction

FILSTAR introduction by type.

Product information of elementless filter "Philstar" which is an industrial filtration device provided by industria(THAILAND).

Type S
Flow range : 8~15L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc1/2
Drain : R1/2

Flow range : 15~20L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc3/4
Drain : R1/2

Type M
Flow range : 20~40L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc1
Drain : R1

Flow range : 40~60L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc1/4
Drain : R1-1/4

Type L
Flow range : 60~120L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc1-1/2
Drain : R1-1/2

Flow range : 120~250L/min
Material : SUS304
Conflict : Rc2
Drain : R1-1/2

Type X   Custom production
・XL-00(Custom production)
Flow range : ~×××L/min
Material : ×××
Conflict : ×××
Drain : ×××

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