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  • Kitagawa (Thailand)! Supporting Thai and ASEAN manufacturing with a high-performance chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Corporation!

Kitagawa (Thailand)! Supporting Thai and ASEAN manufacturing with a high-performance chuck manufactured by Kitagawa Corporation!

Samurai Editorial Department

Kitagawa Corporation (Hiroshima prefecture), leading the industry in three fields: machine tools, industrial machines, and metal molds, was founded in 1918 as a wooden shipyard. For more than 100 years, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing through trial and error. Let us introduce their Thai establishment.

The passion of manufacturing that has continued since the early 1900’s supports the manufacturing industry in Thailand and the world

High-quality machine tools are required to make precision parts in the manufacturing industry. KITAGAWA (THAILAND) Co., Ltd., a Thai company of Kitagawa Corporation, was established in Thailand in 2003 for global development of the Machine Tool Division. "As the central base in ASEAN countries, our Thai company has a mission to deliver high-quality products globally with a good response by grasping manufacturing trends and customer needs precisely. In Thailand, a good service system is established so that customers who use our products can receive reliable support. We hope to expand the service system to other ASEAN countries in the future. " said Yasushi Asayama, General Manager of the company.

▲ Members of Kitagawa (Thailand). The center is General Manager Yasushi Asayama

A Japanese affiliated manufacturer in Thailand that provides power chucks and NC rotary tables and is stationed with Japanese engineers all the time.

The company sells power chucks for lathes, designed chucks tailored to workpieces, NC rotary tables, and industrial robot hands (grippers) in Thailand and ASEAN. Although there are various chuck manufacturers in Japan, this is the only Japanese affiliated manufacturer who has entered Thailand. It is the top manufacturer of a power chuck in Japan boasting a share of 60%.

The company's Bangkok office mainly deals with customers who use Kitagawa products, by providing equipment maintenance and new consultation services. From 2019, Japanese engineers are stationed to enhance responsiveness to customers in Thailand. "By eliminating the time lag from the discussion of the design chuck required for the customer's work, to the creation of a conceptual drawing and then ordering of production from Japan, it has become possible to reduce the time required for delivery significantly," says Mr. Asayama.

Arrival of a new power chuck with a gripping accuracy of 0.01mm T.I.R. or less!

"What chucks are required for are gripping accuracy, torque, and rotational speed." states Mr. Asayama and recommends the "BR series", a new power chuck product, and "MK series", an advanced version of the NC rotary table "MR series".

▲ From left: BR series (power chuck) and MK series (NC rotary table)

Standard chuck of the BR series realized a gripping accuracy of 0.01㎜T.I.R. or less. Further, the use of an optional special T-nut eliminates the need to re-shape the jaws when changing setups, and will be able to greatly reduce time and costs.  

The NC rotary table MK series has a more compact body than the conventional MR series, but the clamping torque (holding / fixing force) is 350 Nm for the MR200 while 570 Nm for the MK200. An excellent NC rotary table with high clamping torque and high rigidity.

Yasushi Asayama, General Manager
"Customers in Thailand, please feel free to consult with us or inquire about our products. We can design chuck jaws and locators. We will discuss by seeing the actual work and the machine at the site. ''

■If you are interested in Kitagawa (Thailand) machine tools (chuck, NC rotary table, robot hand, etc.), please contact us using the form below.

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We accept by phone and email.

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