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  • The new generation standard chuck, BR Series, which provides workpiece gripping accuracy lower than 0.01mm T.I.R. like never before.

The new generation standard chuck, BR Series, which provides workpiece gripping accuracy lower than 0.01mm T.I.R. like never before.

Saran Wattanachai
(Manager/Sales engineer)

Our company is providing power chuck for lathe, design chuck, NC rotary table and robot hand for the industry (gripper) etc. in the ASEAN region, mainly focusing on Thailand. The recommended product this time is the power chuck with workpiece gripping accuracy lower than 0.01mm T.I.R., BR Series model.

■ Special feature of BR Series
Special feature of BR Series is its high accuracy in gripping. If it is a conventional chuck that is currently used, workpiece gripping accuracy after adjustment is only 20μ (microns) T.I.R. . With our technology, BR Series is created to enable chuck to handle workpieces at less than 10μ T.I.R. .

"Reduced jaw-lift"
If using conventional chuck (such as our company’s B-200, BB200, etc.), the jaw-lift will occur when workpiece is griped. This will affect the accuracy of the customer's workpiece. BR series realized stable processing quality by strengthening the master jaw and reducing the BR Series model’s jaw-lift compared to the current conventional chuck.

"Interchangeable with B-200 / BB-200 Series"
As it can be installed to replace the B-200, BB-200 Series, the switch can be carried out smoothly. It is also possible to use parts connected between the chuck and cylinder (draw bar etc.), so there is no need to modify those parts.

"Ease of Standard Spec Inspection and Modern appearance"
QR code is printed on the side of chuck. In the case that standard spec of chuck such as stroke, etc. is required, smartphone, etc. can be used to read QR code to visit our company website, where you can check the details immediately.

Using the Special T-nut for the BR chuck, there is no need to adjust the handle.

Although Chuck's jaw is adjusted to match the workpiece diameter, it’s once removed, it may cause the accuracy difference from when it was installed. We need to reform the jaw again to achieve the same accuracy, which leads to increase time for customers. However, if Tnut-Plus (Special Tnut for the BR model), which is an additional option (additional parts) of the company is used, you can repeat with an accuracy of less than 0.01mm T.I.R. without need to reform the jaw in any way.

Use T-nut to connect the chuck to the master jaw

T-nut Plus (left) and regular T-nut (right) jaws

Since no adjustment is required, there is no need to use the parent-child jaws

Parent and Child jaws are spec that helps to maintain the repeatability by removing only the child jaw to adjust to workpiece size, and it is no need to remove the parent jaw in the event that 1 chuck is used to handle multiple pieces of work.

Although parent and child jaws have advantage to be able to maintain the repeatability, they also have the disadvantage that it may cause too much height depending on the spec used.

Examples of potential disadvantages include:

・ Reduced accuracy
・ Less clamping force
・ Chuck's turning speed decreases due to increased weight

However, if BR chuck is used with T-nut plus, it will help to eliminate such disadvantages as it is not necessary to use the parent-child jaws. Increased production efficiency and a shorter production cycle, etc. can be expected.

This product model comes with new technology standard that is better than any other model due to improvements and development in options including better efficiency in each area, especially suitable for customers who are looking for equipment to be used with lathes, which can produce a variety of work pieces based on the needs of users such as group of companies that manufacture automotive parts, etc.

This product is considered as a new technological step from Kitagawa Company that is ready to provide full service to everyone.

If you are interested in the machine tool accessories of KITAGAWA (THAILNAD) (such as chuck, NC rotary table, robot hand, etc.), please inquire through the form below.

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