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  • Installation example of KITAGAWA chuck ‘PW / PU Series’ in Thailand: TAKISAWA parallel twin-spindle CNC lathe ‘TT-2100G’

Installation example of KITAGAWA chuck ‘PW / PU Series’ in Thailand: TAKISAWA parallel twin-spindle CNC lathe ‘TT-2100G’

SAMURAI ASIA Editorial Department

Founded in 1922 (Taisho 11), Takisawa Machine Tool ( Takisawa Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) has a long history of 100 years and is a manufacturer of "lathes" that is said to be the origin of machine tools. The company continues to provide the world with high-precision, high-performance CNC lathes, ordinary lathes, machining centers, and other products that incorporate the latest technology.

Takisawa Machine Tool, which is headquartered in Kita-ku, Okayama City, and Kitagawa Corporation (Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture, founded in 1918 / Taisho 7), which is the parent company of Kitagawa (Thailand), have a long-standing relationship, as they are both located in the Chugoku region of Japan. The relationship between the two companies branched out in Thailand the same as in Japan, and KITAGAWA's chucks are mounted as standard on TAKISAWA CNC lathes and other machines.

For this article, we asked MD Yuya Kashihara of Takisawa (Thailand), as well as GM Asayama and EA Iwata of Kitagawa (Thailand) to gather at the showroom "TAKISAWA FUTURE CENTER", so that we can interview them about the products of both companies.

▲ From left to right: EA Iwata and GM Asayama of Kitagawa (Thailand), and MD Kashihara of Takisawa (Thailand) in front of the TAKISAWA parallel twin spindle CNC lathe "TT-2100G"

What is KITAGAWA's retraction chuck mounted on the TAKISAWA CNC lathe?

▲ PW chuck (left) and PU chuck (right) mounted on TT-2100G. Firmly grasp the workpiece, pull it in, and fixate it. Since it is a CNC lathe with parallel twin spindles, there are two chucks side by side.

GM Asayama:Today, I came to the showroom "TAKISAWA FUTURE CENTER" of Takisawa (Thailand). Here, the showroom machine “TT-2100G” is mounted with KITAGAWA's power chuck "PW" and "PU"

The chuck does not function on its own, and can only demonstrate its performance when mounted on a machine. By mounting it on the TT-2100G, customers can see the actual product, how the chuck is mounted, how it moves, and how accurate it is when gripping a sample workpiece. We are very grateful for this opportunity that demonstrates the performance of the chucks to customers.

Parallel twin spindle CNC lathe "TT-2100G" (Takisawa Machine Tool)
Compatible with high-precision / mass-produced parts in the automobile industry. It is one of the "TT series" CNC lathes with twin spindles and twin turrets that are arranged in parallel with the main spindle facing forward.

The TT-2100G is a parallel twin spindle lathe equipped with a TAKISAWA high-speed gantry loader (including a reversing device) as a standard feature. Machining of left and right can be controlled independently (CM specifications are also available for workpieces in which turning and milling operations are mixed), enabling process integration by simultaneous machining on the front and back, and cycle time reduction through identical machining on the both left and right sides.

・ Chuck size: 6 ", 8" ・ Target workpiece (loader capacity): φ80 x 80 mm, 0.7 kg x 2 φ160 x 80 mm, 3.0 kg x 2
・ 10-station turret tool post (T10) is set as standard
・ Optional 12-station turret (T12) and 10-station milling turret (T10M) are available.

MD Kashihara:Although I have just been assigned to Thailand, I have been associated with Kitagawa (Thailand) for many years. Unless the customer orders special specifications, TAKISAWA's lathes and other machines are equipped with KITAGAWA chucks as a standard feature.

The advantage of KITAGAWA's chucks is that they have a wide range of choices, from chucks such as scroll chucks for general-purpose lathes to specialized advanced chucks for automatic machines.

Kitagawa (Thailand) has the design capability that we can leave everything to them, and their quick and active responses have been very helpful for business discussions and after-sales service with customers. We have countless achievements in teaming up together, and we have 100% trust in them.

EA Iwata:The chuck "PW / PU" mounted on the "TT-2100G" has a function to pull the workpiece to the reference plane when grasping it.

PW is suitable for grasping the material surface of the workpiece, and capable of heavy-duty cutting due to its high gripping force. PU is used in the finishing process. It is used when machining a workpiece with a strict angle or parallelism of the machined surface with respect to the grasping surface / locating surface.

▲ Pull lock chuck "PU" (left) and power wing chuck "PW (C)" (right)

EA Iwata:We have an engineering designer stationed at Kitagawa (Thailand), so it is possible to have meetings and design in Thailand.

▲ This is TAKISAWA's flat NC lathe "TAC-510 L10" and KITAGAWA's chuck "JN". Equipped with original "RAKU-RAKU (easy) software", no NC program is required. High-level cutting and high-precision machining can be performed with simple input.

MD Kashihara:This year, our new showroom "TAKISAWA FUTURE CENTER" was completed, which enables us to offer proposals for witness cutting, automation, process integration, etc. using actual machines in Thailand. We believe that we will be able to support short delivery times by realizing on-site attendance and local procurement.

Our showroom is available for visits at any time by contacting us in advance.

▲ At the showroom "FUTURE CENTER" in Takisawa (Thailand)

Cooperation: Takisawa (Thailand)

H-Cape Biz Sector On-Nut, 22/10 Sukhapiban 2 Road, Pravet, Pravet, Bangkok 10250, Thailand

Yuya Kashihara
Managing Director

April 2009 Joined Takisawa Machine Tool Co. Ltd.
Worked in the Product Engineering Section for three years
Then worked at Okayama Sales Office and Osaka Sales Office
August 2021 Assigned to Takisawa (Thailand)

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