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Power chuck (for lathe)

DL series (retraction chuck)

The world's first dual lock chuck! Variery of grasps enable processing as desired.

This is a two-stage grip type chuck where the jaw moves in parallel and grips the work piece,then pull donw and take a seat-confirmation. Different from the conventional style, the jaw does not protrude in the Z direction, so there is no interference with the work piece, making it possible to grasp narrow or intricate parts. In addition, since the gripping diameter is as large as the chuck's outer diameter, it can be used even for the inner diameter gripping specification, so it supports flexible processing. Excellent durability with dust proof and grease sealed structure! The jaws can be easily remolded by the customer himself, and it is suitable for mass production processing, introduction to automation lines, and production of various types and variable quantities.
■ Features of DL series

・ World's first two-stage grasp
・ Realize high productivity with various grasps
・ Durable chuck with dust proof and grease sealed structure
・ High durability and low maintenance, suitable for mass production processing and introduction to automation line
・ Customers can easily remold jaw as serration jaws are adopted.
・ Suitable for production of various types and variable quantities

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