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NC rotary table (for rotary table / indexing stand / machining center)

TT series (2 axis / tilt)

Tilt type 5-axis processing with a compact design that also supports 5-sided processing

A tilt type rotary table series that is mounted in conjunction with a machining center, etc., and is suitable for multi-sided processing of parts such as automobiles and IT. All are compatible with 5-sided processing and have compact designs that can be installed anywhere. Above all, the TT200 uses an air-hydro booster and a double disc clamp system. It is also the flagship model of the KITAGAWA tilt series, which takes pride of the best clamping torque in its class.
■ Feautures of TT series (TT200)

・ Adopts air-hydro booster and double disc clamp system
・ Best clamping torque in class
・ Suitable for mounting No. 30 compact machining center (200mm high column)
・ No stroke limit
・ Built-in rotary joint (hydraulic 4P / pneumatic 1P) possible

■ Lineup

TT101 / TW120
TT182 / TW182
TT251 / TW251
TT321 / TW321

* The following catalog is for TT101 / TW120. Please contact us for other products.
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