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  • NTS-QM (reduced setup / exchangeable jaw (claw))

Grippers for industrial robots (robot hands)

NTS-QM (reduced setup / exchangeable jaw (claw))

No tools needed! Quick Jaw Change Gripper that can greatly save the time for jaw exchange!

The exchange of jaw (claw) is necessary every time the work changes. Usually, this work is done manually, which takes time and effort. NTS-QM is the master jaw that solves this problem. Simply by attaching to the gripper body, jaw exchange is completed in just three steps. No tools are needed. This is the best solution for saving work time and increasing production efficiency.
■ Features of NTS-QM

・ Easy jaw exchange
・ Possible to modify from conventional general-purpose models
・ Possible to use as a quick jaw change gripper by exchanging the standard master jaw of NTS gripper with a Quick Master Jaw
・ Supports works of φ20 to φ60 for NTS309 and φ23 to φ79 for NTS311 (all optional)
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