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  • [grinding wheel] Challenge the rice market in Thailand with a rice milling machine that utilizes grinding wheel technology!

[grinding wheel] Challenge the rice market in Thailand with a rice milling machine that utilizes grinding wheel technology!

Masakazu Sato
Assistant General Manager

Our company, "MITSUI GRINDING TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD.", a local Thai subsidiary of “Mitsui Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd.”, manufactures and sells industrial grinding wheels used in various applications from industrial products such as bearings and springs to medical equipment and various consumer products.

Up to now, we have supplied grinding wheels mainly in the automotive and electrical / electronics related markets. However, considering the necessity of business diversification, since about seven years ago we have been studying expanding into the rice milling business, a major industry in Thailand. Currently, prototypes are being tested at several rice mills. Let us introduce this new business this time.

Developing a rice milling machine using grinding wheel technology, triggered by the “thought” of Thai sales staff

The expansion into the rice milling business was triggered by the “thoughts” of the sales representatives of “Mitsuya Limited”, our sole distributor in Thailand. Our company is known for its high-quality and high-precision Thai grinding wheels like those in Japan, and its polishing level is highly evaluated by the market. Is it possible to use this high-performance technology for rice cultivation, where 40% of Thailand's population is engaged? It has started with this simple thought.

First, a survey of the market shows that many vertical rice milling machines for factories that use grinding wheels are operating in Thailand, and that the production technology we have cultivated over many years can be applied to the grinding wheels for milling. Of course, it is different from cutting metal materials, and we had to attempt many materials for quality design and product prototyping, but development progressed with the cooperation from rice mill manufacturers and farmers, and now its usability and performance are receiving high evaluation.

Indica rice, which is the main strand in Thailand, is different from Japonica rice consumed in Japan. The grains are slender and longer, and easily broken by external pressure. Without breaking the grains and milling them in the form of leaving the central part where the umami (“savory” part of rice) ingredients are condensed. We have been struggling with development to make it happen.

Reliable technology that does not impair the taste

In vertical rice milling machines, 5-8 grinding wheels are stacked vertically and attached to the spindle, and the surfaces of rice are polished when they pass through the gap between the rotating grinding wheel and the outer wall cover. We make full use of our polishing technology accumulated over many years to achieve an excellent finish without overburdening the grain and without further overcutting.

Compared to the conventional machine, it is characterized by its tastefulness when cooked, resulting in delicious rice. If this is used, even slightly inferior quality rice can be eaten deliciously.

Nonetheless, there are still significant gaps between existing products in terms of cost and support, and improving this point is a challenge for the future. We will continue to make efforts to improve technology and reduce production costs so that we can offer them to Thai people at as low of a price as possible. We are so happy that our technology contributes to improving people's eating lifestyle. We will continue to support everyone’s daily life with our grinding wheel technology.

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