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  • [Grinding wheel] Quick delivery from Thailand is the advantage! Industrial grinding wheels of MITSUI GRINDING for Indonesia and Vietnam

[Grinding wheel] Quick delivery from Thailand is the advantage! Industrial grinding wheels of MITSUI GRINDING for Indonesia and Vietnam

Masakazu Sato
Assistant General Manager

MITSUI GRIDING TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD., A Thai corporation of Mitsui Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., which produces industrial grinding wheels in Thailand, is actively proposing them in neighboring countries. Of particular interest in recent years have been Indonesia and Vietnam, where the automotive industry is as active as Thailand. We regularly visit there and provide consultations and suggestions for remodeling.

Quick delivery! Supplying grinding wheels from Thailand to Indonesia where local production of motorcycles and automobiles has started in earnest

In Indonesia, where the final assembly plants of major automobile manufacturers are located, and as of four to five years ago local production of motorcycles and then automotive parts began in earnest. Before that, parts were imported from Thailand and other countries and assembled in most of the cases, but it seems that they have switched to local production to save cost. With the increase in local production, parts manufacturers are expanding into Indonesia and the demand for grinding wheels in the country is increasing.

I am currently traveling to Indonesia once every two months. What I am explaining when visiting each company, is the convenience of our company in Thailand. As a principal, grinding wheels production is made to order, so if ordered from Japan through an agency, it will take 2-3 months for delivery. As we have a factory in Thailand, we can greatly reduce that. Short delivery time is the first step in cost reduction. Currently, we are visiting potential users energetically to identify their needs.

▲Site attendance at an automotive parts manufacturer in Indonesia

Dedicated person in charge from Thailand firmly supports the growing needs of grinding wheels in the booming Vietnamese market

For another important market, Vietnam, our Thai staff, Klanarong, Senior Manager/Sales Manager, is exclusively assigned. Once every three months, he travels to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh for about a week, to visit Japanese and Vietnamese potential users.

His strength is to speak directly to a clients’ heart without hesitation. Utilizing his fluent English to communicate with the Vietnamese person in charge at a client’s location, he finds out what their requirements are and provides grinding wheels that match their needs.

In Vietnam, major industries are about to make a big transformation from former industries such as clothing, OA equipment, and motorcycles to the automobile-related industries. In recent years, there have been many relocations of production bases from China to Southeast Asia triggered by trade friction between the United States and China. It is definitely one of the "energetic countries" centered on the automobile industry and is a country with a high demand for grinding wheels.

▲ Grinding wheels seminar held at a Vietnamese customer’s factory

▲Site attendance at a steel manufacturer in Vietnam

Manager Klanarong has been instructed to make proposals based on customer requirements when conducting business with a client. It is most important to accurately understand customer needs, such as precision requirements for workpieces. In order to do so, it is important to visit frequently and gain trust.

Through these efforts, it has become possible to visit steel manufacturers, which had little relationship with them before. It is not easy to break into the steel industry, which has strong ties with existing suppliers. We believe that visiting customers is the first step in building a relationship.

If you have a problem with grinding wheels in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, please contact us. We deliver products that meet customer requirements with a short delivery time.

Profile of Mr. Klanarong Boonnok
Senior Manager and Sales Manager with 12 years of service and trusted deeply by his superiors. The company is fond of his English skills and appointed him to be responsible for the Vietnamese business. "I find my job interesting,” he says. Born in Chonburi Province. 44 years old.

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