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  • Produce Japanese quality grinding wheels in Thailand! MGT responds flexibly to customer's needs!

Produce Japanese quality grinding wheels in Thailand! MGT responds flexibly to customer's needs!

Samurai Editorial Department

Mitsui Grinding Technology (Thailand), a subsidiary of Mitsui Grinding Wheel Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as MGT, is a leading grinding wheel manufacturing company with more than 20 years of delivery experience in Thailand. Even in Thailand, we respond quickly with manufacturing technology similar to Japan, and consulting done by our engineering team is also popular. This time, the Samurai Editorial Department talked to the excellent Thai sales and engineering team supporting MTG.

MGT's excellent Thai sales / engineering team
MR. SUTTHISAK YOTHONGYOT (Sales Engineer Manager) 15 years
MR. RAGCHART SANKHAM (Sales Engineer) 6 years
Miss PREEYANUCH PODANG (Sales Engineer) 5 years
MR. NOPPANAN TANABORRIBOON (Sales Engineer) 2 years

★Thank you for your time today.
Although it has become well-known recently, your company is actually known as a pioneer in the grinding wheel industry in Thailand. Can you tell us about the work of the MGT Thai sales engineer team supporting the company's achievement?

MR. SUTTHISAK, who is a leader for 15 years after joining the company.

MR. SUTTHISAK: We manufacture grinding wheels. Business partners are also spreading to additional countries outside ASEAN, mainly for Japanese affiliated companies.
A sales engineer's job is technical service in brief. We are also handling overseas customers as well as local companies. Regarding local companies, we accompany distributors, proposing products, selling and providing after-sales service. My team checks to see if the quality of the customer's order is up to their expectations, or provides after sales service.

★What are the strengths of MTG that you cannot lose to competitors in order to develop products that meet the needs of customers, such as the issues that users have?

Mr. Rack Chart of Sales Engineer Team for MGT is in his 6th Year

Currently, we are offering more than 1,000 items of whetstone for customers in various industries mainly in the automobile industry. We are designing and manufacturing high-quality whetstone to meet various customers' different needs.

The only female engineer of the team, Miss PREEYANUCH is in MGT for her 5th year.

Miss PREEYANUCH: For example, if you order the necessary parts from Thailand and other overseas parts, it will take time to arrive. MGT has a factory in Thailand and the quality is same as in Japan. Since orders can be shipped directly from Thailand, time from ordering to receiving will be shortened considerably. Also, when problems occur in using the product, our staff will respond immediately. If ordered from overseas, that will not happen. I think that being able to offer everything from development to after-sales service in the immediate vicinity of customers is a strength that other companies do not have.

MR. SUTTHISAK: And, because MGT's products have a long life, they can reduce the cost of replacement. This results from the Thai factory working on the same manufacturing rules as Japan and working on quality improvement.

MR. RAGCHART: In this way, we think that our service, in close vicinity to our customers in Thailand and ASEAN, rapid response, and quality are our strengths.

★It is a familiar service that can be handled anytime.

MR. SUTTHISAK: Consultations on product problems are available 24 hours a day. At night, the night shift staff is in compliance, and the nigh staff is still able to be reached starting around 9 o'clock in the evening.

MR. NOPPANAN in the second year since joining the company

MR. NOPPANAN: In addition, one of the strengths of our service is that we are training our customers. By instructing them in the correct way to use the product and the structure of the product, you can extend the life of the product and accomplish more effective usage and etcetera. Training is done free of charge, and we will provide a program according to customer’s requests, such as several hours or several days course.

Also, if you want to know the production process of the product, you can visit our factory. If you want to see high-level production sites, I think that there are many factories that you have to go to visit overseas. However, if you come to our factory, we can show the Japanese level technology without one having to go abroad. I think that we are the only company that can show this technological capability in Thailand.
If you are interested, we will be happy to give you a tour.

★MGT is offering services that other companies cannot copy. Then, how about the products?

MR. SUTTHISAK: MGT has grinding whetstone production experience in Thailand for over 20 years. The Japanese head office has a history of over 70 years. Research and development of precision grinding wheels are continuously conducted at the R & D center (research and development center) of the head office. We strive for daily efforts to use our products with confidence. The high market share of our company leads us to think that our daily efforts have led to trust from our customers.

One of the process of strictly checking the quality

MR. SUTTHISAK: Our main customers are the automation industry, but it is also important to develop new industries in light of economic impacts and market strategies. Currently, as a new product that responds to agricultural demands, we are conducting R & D on grinding wheels for milling. It is a product for a Thailand rich in agricultural crops. In addition, we are also developing a grindstone for grinding the blade of a knife that cuts meat for the food processing industry. I would like to continue to expand our products and services to a wide range of markets by collaborating with various industries and organizations.

Miss PREEYANUCH: Although we are late to tell you, our products are made to order. When ordering, we will receive the necessary data from the customer, and will make up the grinding wheel. So our products cannot just be used on any machine. To the contrary, we can respond to complicated demands.

If you would like to visit our factory, we will respond at any time!

You can visit the world class factory in Thailand without going abroad.

MR. SUTTHISAK: If you still have anxiety when considering the introduction of our products, please come to our factory. If you contact me, I will adjust my schedule and be happy to guide you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

★All of MGT's sales engineer team thanks you very much!

About Mitsui Grinding Technology (Thailand) factory tour
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