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Surface grinding (Surface G)

Grinding the plane of a workpiece (work). There are cases where grinding is performed on the side surface of the cylindrical grindstone and grinding is performed on the cylindrical surface. In general, grinding on the side of the grinding stone gives a finished surface with good surface roughness and dimensional accuracy, and grinding on the cylindrical surface is good for grinding efficiency and suitable for rough finishing.

Centerless grinding (Senterless G)

Support the workpiece (workpiece) with three of the grinding wheel, adjusting wheel, and receiving plate (work rest) and grind the outer circumferential surface. Because the center and chuck are not used for supporting workpieces, it is easy to install and remove workpieces, and it is one of the grinding methods indispensable for mass production grinding.

Cylindarical Grinding (Cylindarical G)

The workpiece which is supported by the center at both ends by grinding the outer surface of a cylindrical workpiece (work). There are traverse grinding which performs grinding while moving a grindstone parallel to the axial direction of a workpiece, plunge grinding where a grindstone or workpiece is moved in the radial direction of the grinding wheel, and other angular grinding.

Roll Grinding (Roll G)

A method of regrinding a steel rolling roll for molding such as a beverage can, an aluminum foil and so on. It is a grinding process performed for surface regeneration and shape modification of the rolling roll.
  • Flat Grinding Wheel

    Mitsui roll grinding wheel which improves defects such as scratches (scratches) and chatter

Rice Mill (Rice Mill G)

A method of removing sugar in brown rice with a grinding wheel in the rice milling process which removes sugar and makes it into white rice. It is applied to rice polishing machines, rice polishing machines for sake brewing and so on.


Knife Grinding Stone

Knife sharpening equipment for use in the food industry and household industry, recycling industry, wood cutting, paper industry such as meat knives, cooking knives, wood cutting knives, paper cutting knives and so on.
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