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MC / LCA grinding wheel etc.

High efficiency, high precision, long life Ceramic abrasive grinding wheel

MC abrasive grains with a fine sintered structure are the most powerful abrasive grains among general grinding stone products. Even under heavy grinding, abrasive grains do not cause large crushing, it is a grinding wheel that can constantly maintain minute cutting edge and can maintain stable sharpness. High-purity alumina abrasive grains with high hardness and high toughness demonstrate excellent grinding performance for processing various hardened materials such as high-speed steel and other difficult-to-cut materials. In addition, LCA abrasive grain specialized for sharpness is added to the lineup, and it corresponds to a wide range of processing environment.
In addition, we have stock grinding stones that are most suitable for various materials and applications. We also deal with custom-made, so please feel free to contact us.

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