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  • NACHI will provide total support to customers, including system proposal and fundraising!

NACHI will provide total support to customers, including system proposal and fundraising!

Akira Takarajima
Vice Precident and in charge of industrial robot

One of the two largest manufacturer exhibitions held in Thailand, MANUFACTURING EXPO2019, was held at the International Trade & Exhibition Centre, BITEC BAGNA, from June 19 to June 22.
NACHI TECHNOLOGY (THAILAND), a general machinery manufacturer, opened 2 booths there. This time we introduce the exhibition contents of our booth.

Exhibition products:We introduced “robots”, “tools”, “hydraulic equipment” and “bearings”, focusing on new products.

We exhibited the highly recommended products as our main products.

① Robot(The robots sold in Thailand are all made in Japan)

World’s smallest robot “MZ01”
The robots that we introduced to the people concerned with electric and electronic equipment to see is the world’s smallest 6-axis design mini robot, “MZ01”, which is portable and has a weight of 1kg. The operating radius is small and 2 robots can be installed in the space for a single worker. 。
It is suitable for the assembly work of small communication equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and electronic equipment.

Install a cooperation robot with a secure and safe design in Thailand, too! “CZ10”
CZ10 is equipped with the structure and functions pursuing safety for the people who work together. It was made for working with people safely, considering not only a safety stop when bumping into people, but also a rounded design and joint gaps. It can be introduced in various manufacturing processes such as assembly assistance and sorting work.

② Tools

The cutting life is twice as long as before! “Aqua REVO Drills”
The product that we introduced to the people concerned with the automobile industry and parts processing is a new product of the “Aqua drill series”. We reviewed 3 factors, “material”, “shape” and “surface treatment (coating)”, which decide if cutting tools are good or bad, and changed the model completely. This is “Aqua REVO Drills.” The drill’s durability, which is much better than before, enables stable high-quality processing in Thailand, too.

③ Hydraulic equipment

Reduce electricity consumption by 69%!” Inverter drive hydraulic unit NSPi series”
We recommend “Inverter drive NSPi hydraulic unit” for saving the energy of hydraulic systems. We can reduce the electricity consumption significantly by replacing the hydraulic unit being used currently. Just connect the electric motor to the power supply and the inverter will drive it. Even if the inverter is broken, the electric motor can operate, so the production line does not stop.

④ Bearings

Japan quality “Bearings” that our company manufactures in Thailand
Our bearings which have applied and evolved the grinding and heat treatment techniques cultivated in tool manufacturing are pursuing long life, high speed, and high accuracy. According to the usage, we have a line-up of the following products:

・Deep Groove Ball Bearings
・Combination Angular Contact Ball Bearings
・Self-aligning Roller Bearings
・Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings
・Double Direction Thrust Ball Bearings
・Double Direction Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings
・Self‐aligning Thrust Roller Bearings

Please consult NACHI about the introduction of robots in Thailand, including system proposals and fundraising!

NACHI’s strength is not only selling products but also the ability to make proposals. For example, we will not “only sell the robot” for the customer’s needs of automation but we will also make a system proposal considering the manufacturing line and cell, and provide total support for automation.

The bottleneck upon introducing robots is a cost problem. We have established a cooperation system with a bank and propose a low-interest loan.

For any inquiry about our products, please contact us through the following form.

Inquiry Form

Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

We accept by phone and email.

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