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  • 【Thailand・Industrial Robot】 Lineup of NACHI brand robots! The main booth also exhibits new products of cutting tools, etc.

【Thailand・Industrial Robot】 Lineup of NACHI brand robots! The main booth also exhibits new products of cutting tools, etc.

Akira Takarajima
Vice President

"METALEX 2019" will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 20. Comprehensive machinery manufacture “NACHI-FUJIKOSHI” will exhibit “NACHI” brand robots, including new products. Lineup of state-of-the-art robots, such as lightweight and compact industrial robots “MZ series”, people-friendly slim arm collaborative robots “CZ10”, and speedy spot welding robots “SPA series”. In addition to the robot booth (Hall: 106 Booth: 6K09), the main booth (Hall: 100 Booth: AZ19) exhibits NACHI products that are indispensable for manufacturing a variety of products, including tools, bearings, hydraulic equipment, and machine tools.

Introduction of the products exhibited in the two booths, HALL 100 and HALL 106 (ROBOT X by METALEX)

MZ series exhibited in HALL106 (ROBOT X by METALEX)is a 1kg portable type ,MZ01 exhibits 3 models of a 7kg portable type MZ07, and a 25kg portable type MZ25. Of these units, MZ25 will be exhibited at the METALEX for the first time in Thailand and has the most weight capacity among small type robots. This is ideal for the production line of automobile parts, etc. In addition, MZ01, the smallest type, was launched last year globally at the same time, and it is a product that is in high demand also in Thailand. In addition to these units, there is a 12kg portable type MZ12 in the same series, and the lineup of the series will be all aligned in Thailand by the appearance of MZ25 this time.

From the left, 1kg portable type MZ01, 7kg portable type MZ07, and 12kg portable type MZ12

On the other hand, a collaborative robot CZ10 that works with people, will be exhibited as from last year. It is full of human-friendly features. For example, the machine will be stopped when people touch it, and it is also possible to teach it intuitively by the hand of the worker. Since the arm part has a rounded design and there is a gap in the joint, the arm part does not pinch the fingers, etc. Please experience once again the charm and potential of robots that cooperate with people.

Collaborative robot CZ10

The speed welding robot SRAseries have a feature of the excellent operating speed. It is a lightweight but highly rigid construction pursuing acceleration and vibration damping. The overall shaft speed has been improved than the conventional machine and succeeded in dramatically increasing productivity. On the other hand, the latest motor drive control realizes the high precision of the position repetition and the stability of the drive. We aimed to make it easy to use and facilitate its maintenance.

Welding robot SRA

The HALL 10 main booth will exhibit the revolutionary new dimension cutting tools, the AquaREVO Drill seriesThe durability of these units is extraordinarily long, 2 times longer than that of conventional products. Ultra-high performance that does not drop accuracy even if the rotation speed is increased. By reducing the machining time to the maximum, a significant total cost reduction is achieved. Therefore, you can expect an unprecedented increase in productivity.

In addition, the 2nd series of AquaREVO Drills Oil-Holelaunched globally at the same time in August this year. will be the first exhibition this time. The drill's material, shape, and surface treatment (coating) had been all reviewed, and the amount of oil discharged is 2 times higher than that of the conventional type, and the cooling performance has been improved.

We will prepare a variety of “NACHI” brand products that explore the future and potential of the industry, and we look forward to welcoming you at the METALEX venue.

Revolutionary new dimension cutting tool, AquaREVO Drill series, new product, AquaREVO Drill Oil-Hole

METALEX booth information

① Main booth
Hall: 100 Booth: AZ19

② Robot booth
Hall: 106 Booth: 6K09

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