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  • Long-life and high-precision bearings. It can also be used for agricultural machinery, etc. / NACHI-FUJIKOSHI 【Thailand】

Long-life and high-precision bearings. It can also be used for agricultural machinery, etc. / NACHI-FUJIKOSHI 【Thailand】

Bearing Div. / Sales Engineer

Producing bearings (bearing shafts) has played a central role in NACHI-Fujikoshi's Thailand business since we entered the Thai market in 1999. Our factory is located in the eastern Rayong province, supplying our products to not only Thailand, but also Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Until now, we have sold many products with our own special design to meet the needs of the automobile industry, but the field in which our bearing products can contribute is not limited to the automobile-related industry.

Bearing (bearing shaft) production technology that achieves long life, high precision, and low fuel consumption

The biggest advantage of our bearing products is the high durability that can be obtained by applying special treatment such as special heat treatment and special steel treatment. Bearings are an important component of product reliability, and the bearing must be able to handle high loads in order to increase the output of the automobile. Originally, metals are strong substances, but if only processed cannot demonstrate the original performance. Special treatment is an important process for making "strength", "hardness", and "stickiness" according to the application.

In addition, bearings can be made smaller by applying special treatment and, as a result, contribute to lower fuel consumption. This is a very important point for industrial machines that require high engine output and is particularly effective in products that drive continuously for 24 hours.

Double-row four-point contact ball bearings the mass production of which was made possible by Fujikoshi

Double-row four-point contact ball bearings, for which our company has established a mass production system, are products that achieve both low torque and high rigidity required for improved environmental performance. This new structure, which serves as an intermediate position between deep groove ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, has been introduced mainly for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. With the realization of mass production, we think that more diverse industries will be able to use it in the future.

▲Structure of double-row four-point contact ball bearings

New application scene of double-row four-point contact ball bearings proposed by NACHI (Thailand)

In Thailand, we offer a wide range of proposals not only to the automotive industry but also to industries where our bearing products can contribute.One of them is agricultural machinery. Agriculture is still one of the most important industries in Thailand. Agricultural machinery, such as tractors and combines, requires high engine power and robustness. In modern agriculture where labor saving and efficiency improvement are required, we are convinced that our bearing products can contribute to the fuel-savings of agricultural machinery.

The research and development (R & D) division of our company is relocating to Thailand, and we will be able to provide technical information more flexibly to customers in Thailand and neighboring countries. We will continue to propose optimal products and usage methods for industrial machinery in general.

If you are looking for high performance bearings (bearing shaft) products in Thailand and ASEAN countries, please contact us.

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