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  • Hollow wrist specification and a payload over 12kg The fully-covered hollow compact robot ‘MZ12H’ is now available!

Hollow wrist specification and a payload over 12kg The fully-covered hollow compact robot ‘MZ12H’ is now available!

Yuichi Fujimoto
General Manager, Robot Division

▲ Hollow compact robot "MZ12H"

The vertically articulated compact robot MZ12H is an improved version of "MZ12", which is capable of carrying a workpiece weighing over 12 kgas part of the MZ series, the flagship products of Nachi-Fujikoshi, having a wrist with a hollow structure.The advantage of the hollow structure is that the air piping and wiring do not interfere with the robot, simplifying its handling. Attachments can be installed through the donut-shaped hollow part. Furthermore, since the wrist torque of the MZ12H is greater than that of the MZ12, it can now hold a workpiece even when it is a little away from the flange surface.

▲ Passing the hand wiring (blue) through the hollow wrist avoids interference and improves reliability

The MZ12H has both the wrist and the main body fully covered, allowing it to be applied in adverse environments* where dust and coolant are scattered.
*Protection grade: IP67 (Grade 6 dustproof/grade 7 waterproof performance) and rustproof performance are equipped as standard.

Machine loading/Deburring

▲ Can be applied in the environment where coolant is scattered(Left) Can be applied in the environment where chips are scattered(Right)

☆The hollow wrist, the most important feature of our MZ series, has finally been expanded to a 12kg portable robot. If you are having trouble installing a robot due to the installation space or interference with peripheral devices, please feel free to contact us!

Official launch of the horizontal articulated SCARA robot "EC06"!

▲ Horizontal articulated SCARA robot "EC06"

In response to customer requests, we have officially added the SCARA robot "EC06" series to our product line. Although vertical articulated robots such as the MZ series are the main products of Nachi-Fujikoshi, we will also focus on developing SCARA robots.

Main features of the “EC-06” series

・ High-speed, high-precision SCARA robot with a simple structure
・ Ideal for applications such as assembly and handling.
・ The tip axis has a hollow structure, simplifying the piping and wire routing from the robot body.
・ 3 types of maximum reach (500 / 600 / 700 mm) are available.
・ Dedicated teach pendant (TP).
・ By using offline software, it can be operated from a PC.

Since the EC06 series has the same operation interface as the MZ series, the combination of the two types of robots will further improve productivity.

▲ Image of a line combining MZ series and EC06

☆The long-awaited launch of the SCARA robot from NACHI! We will continue to focus on expanding our product lineup in order to help you automate your business.

If you are looking for industrial robot controllers, industrial robots, collaborative robots, etc. in Thailand, please contact us using the inquiry form below.

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