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Industrial Robot

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI leveraged know-how from their hydraulic and machine tool divisions to become the first Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots in 1968.Since then, NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has been introducing products built on its technological excellence and innovative strength to accurately respond to market demands. We will continue to evolve with customers to meet the challenge of Japan , Thailand and world’s automation needs.

Cutting tools

Responding to demand for lower processing costs and shorter lead times, as well as your need to process diverse work pieces and to reduce environmental impact. As your partner in manufacturing excellence, Nachi-Fujikoshi supports you in an ever-evolving environment, where you need to win the process challenges of increased efficiency, increased precision, and increased functionality


NACHI BEARING making the best use of our own high quality material and heat treatment/grinding technology developped in our cutting tools production. Its technology that enables long-life, high speed, high accuracy and compactness keeps evolving further and plays an active part in various fields beginning with automotive in Thailand. NACHI BEARING is contributing for the improvement of reliability.


High functional of industorial machine and more high level, furthermore needs for hydraulic diversifying. Nachi pursues ultimate hydraulic components of big power based on energy saving, safety, compact, high-fuctional with smooth controled moment.

Machine Tool

Nachi has developed a variety of technologies to meet the high-developed machining demand as a unique manufacturer by producing machine tools & cutting tools. Nachi is producing easy-to-use machines that support the diverse needs of customers by combining its integrated technologies.

Clean Thermo (Industrial furnance)

We made the best use of khow-how cultivating from cutting tool manufacturing and started manufacturing salt bath furnance in house.After that, we had imported technology and advance technology development. In order to satisfy both of heat treating needs and reduce environmental load, we are manufacturing and selling incidental equipment is heat treating furnance and cleaning equipment based on vacuum heat treatment technology.
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Cutting Tools
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