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  • Apply environmental and energy-saving measures by “eco Factory” proposed by Orion Machinery Asia!

Apply environmental and energy-saving measures by “eco Factory” proposed by Orion Machinery Asia!

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In recent years, handling for the global environment preservation implemented by corporations attract attention and each company may apply original countermeasures by exchanging production facilities, etc.

However, although such measures have actually been taken, not a small number of people said that “could not achieve the expected energy-saving”. Therefore, in the news at this time, we introduce the “eco Factory” proposed by Orion Machinery Asia. This “eco Factory” contributes to both “ecology” and “economy”, and means the total solution to realize energy-saving and environmental protection from the factory. Therefore it is possible to promote energy-saving across the whole factory using Orion's energy-saving equipment.
Excuse my haste, but we introduce “Eco Factory” by citing some examples.

CASE1.Sheet metal parts manufacturing: Achieve the maximum energy-saving of 67% using a HB control chiller ⇒ inverter chiller

In recent years, expansion of laser beam machines has accelerated due to the more complicated shapes of sheet metal required. A chiller is used to cool the laser beam machine's oscillation part and the mirror. Changing the chiller from HB control to an inverter type chiller, will contribute to a 67% level of energy-saving.
※ This is the comparison between the conventional type HB control and the RKE-B inverter type chiller of our company.

CASE2.Machine room (Compressor room): More than 50% energy-saving by applying compressed air load-following!

Compared with the time of individual operation of a compressor, controlling the number of compressors may minimize surplus electricity consumption at the time of low (environmental) load. However, depending on the situation, in the case of centralized management by a machine room, since the piping is long, and compression loss and air leakage are likely to increase, a large air compressor is necessary. By understanding the amount of compressed air used and installation of compressors in different locations scatteringly, it is possible to make the most suitable selection for each site, install smaller compressors, and reduce compression loss. Furthermore, by changing a general air dryer to an inverter type dryer, it is possible to handle load fluctuations and reduce electricity consumption.

Construction example (air dryer + drain processor)

CASE3.Transportation of products and parts: More than 60% energy-saving effect by switching to vacuum pumps!

Vacuum generators are indispensable for fixing work and transporting products and parts in the conveyance process in a factory. The principle is creation of a vacuum that holds the work and products, and at that time the ejectors are sometimes used as the vacuum source. Although such ejectors accelerate the speed of moving the compressed air and absorb the air at the vacuum side, the compressed air is discharged as it is. By switching to vacuum pumps, it is possible to reduce such waste that leads to energy-saving. Also, in order to improve big-scale facilities and the whole factory, by adopting vaneless pumps, further energy-saving can be achieved.

Left) Vacuum pump Right) Construction example (vacuum pump power room)

CASE4.Inspection of products and parts: Reduce electricity consumption by 80% at a maximum by using precision air conditioners!

Precision air conditioners are used for temperature and humidity control in clean rooms used for inspection and precision machining of products and parts, and almost all precision air conditioners use electric heaters for heating and humidification. By switching to the perfect no heater precision air conditioner precision air processor (PAP) equipped with the original technology of ORION, the “Heat pump balance control”, electricity consumption can be reduced by 80% at a maximum. “Heat pump balance control” means precise control of the high temperature refrigerant gas and low temperature refrigerant liquid discharged from refrigerators that perform heating and cooling. In the case of humidification, by using two fluid nozzles, it is not necessary to use heater completely.

Construction example (constant temperature measurement room)

The items introduced this time are only a few examples. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the “eco Factory”. Also, Orion Machinery provides our customers with “environmentally harmonious products” and “products that meet customer's needs”.

We intend to continue our best efforts to improve our service even further.

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