Industrial chiller (Made in Thailand)

The Orion chiller has acquired numerous achievements and high trust as an industrial chiller. We inherit the high quality of Japanese manufacturers and started production in Thailand. We deliver Thai-made chillers of "Japanese quality" with a Japanese design more reasonably and quickly.

Industrial air dryer (Made in Thailand)

An air dryer is essential for removing water contained in the air compressed by the compressor and preventing rusting problems of solenoid valves and cylinders. Orion's Thai air dryer "ARX series" ensures the same quality as Japanese products since it is based on a Japanese design. We deliver Japanese Quality Air Dryers quickly.

Industrial air filter

We offer a variety of air filters which correspond to air purity ISO 14644-1 Class 3 from general purpose solid matter, oil mist in compressed air and odor removal. We supply clean air according to various uses for our customer's needs.

Chiller with small water tank

Orion's small-sized chiller is compatible with a variety of uses and usage, with the chiller body, water supply equipment and control system of the water tank and pump in an all-in-one package (unitized). We offer compact chillers excellent in space saving performance in three series “high-spec model”, “mid-grade model”, and “economy model”.