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  • “MSF series”, Air filter for removing oil mist

Industrial air filter

“MSF series”, Air filter for removing oil mist

Normal pressure loss value reduced by 33%! Mist filter for oil mist removal

Mist filter adopting the clamp joint system as a standard. By loosening the wing nut in the band cover, the lower body can be easily removed and the element can be easily exchanged. Also adopting newly developed element, normal pressure loss value is reduced to 0.02 MPa. LED lamp indicates the element replacement timing.
■ Eliminate oil mist of 0.01 μm or more (outlet oil concentration 0.01 wt ppm)
■ Treatment air volume 0.35 - 318.9 m³ / min
■ Inlet air temperature 5 to 60 °C
· Standard adoption of first in class stainless steel containers (400-1 or more)
· Standard adoption of clamp joint method (400-1 to 2000-1)
By adopting the band structure, the housing removal operation is simplified compared to the conventional flange type.
· By adopting the newly developed element, the pressure loss value is reduced to 0.02 MPa (-3% compared to our previous products)
· Element replacement timing indicated by lamp (400-1 or more)
Adopted element life indicator.
.Expansion of pressure range (75 B to 250 B)
· Tie rod connection (75 B to 250 B)
· Caliber selectable (400, 1000)

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