Chiller with small water tank

"RKE series", High spec compact chiller

High spec compact chiller that combines energy saving and highly accurate temperature control

Compared with the hot gas bypass control of the temperature stability emphasis type and the proportional valve PID control chiller, energy savings of up to 65% is possible. Moreover, high precision control of ± 0.1 ° C became a reality. It can also be used for applications such as precision machining lasers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, various analytical instruments, etc., which require severe temperature control and highly accurate operation.
· Cooling capacity: 2.7 to 8.7 kW (air cooling)
· Cooling capacity: 6.0 to 10.4 kW (water cooling)
· Operating ambient temperature range: -5 to 43 °C (air cooling) 2 to 43 °C (water cooled)
· Used liquid temperature range: 5 ~ 35 °C
· Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

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