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  • 【Do you have any trouble with plating? 】Realize Japan-quality plating in Thailand! The companies who are having trouble with plating for aluminum, brass and zinc die-casting material must read this.

【Do you have any trouble with plating? 】Realize Japan-quality plating in Thailand! The companies who are having trouble with plating for aluminum, brass and zinc die-casting material must read this.

Samurai Asia Editorial Department

The plating company, Hikifune was founded in Tokyo in 1932 and expanded their business into Thailand in 2012. This time, we asked Mr. Hidetaka Ishikawa, the president of Hikifune Co., Ltd. H.Q. Japan about the current situation and strength of Thai business.

The level of decorative plating in Thailand is low…

Six whole years have passed since the company expanded to Thailand. During this period, Mr.Ishikawa had been investigating the current situation of local plating. In conclusion, they can say that “the level of plating in Thailand is low.”

Beauty is an absolute condition for plating, but the ratio of defective plating products in Thailand is high. There are large quantities of plating with small scratches, which are not acceptable in Japan. Therefore, many companies are having problems with supplier’s plating quality.

The feature of Hikifune’s “plating”: Japan quality + price competitiveness by manufacturing in Thailand Firstly, we would like to mention about the quality of plating that Hikifune produces in Thailand.

What Mr. Ishikawa has been pursuing since the company expanded the business into Thailand is to “realize Japan quality in Thailand.”

In order to realize it, they have been providing training in Japan for Hikifune’s Thai staff, in addition to their daily work. Thanks to that, now the staff in charge of quality have developed their plating skills and the level of their analysis accuracy and technical proposals have improved dramatically.

“We have been focusing on not only quality, but also on service. When a problem occurs, skilled Japanese staff and Thai staff will cooperate to solve it, so the customers feel relieved,” Mr. Ishikawa said.

The important thing for the customers is price as well as quality and service. The cost of labor in Thailand is lower than that of Japan, so we have price competitiveness making use of the strength of local production.

Rely on Hikifune for the plating of Aluminum, brass and zinc die-casting material in Thailand! “In the Thai plating business, we have absolute confidence in our plating for metal,” Mr. Ishikawa said.

■Aluminum material
・Electroless Nickel Plating
・Trivalent Chromium Plating

While there are few companies who can handle trivalent chromium plating for aluminum in Thailand, Hikifune is able to handle it.

■Brass, Zinc Die-Casting Material
・Nickel Chrome Plating
・Nickel Plating
・Frosted Plating

There are only 2 or 3 companies who can handle frosted plating (velvet plating with a gloss feeling) in Thailand, and Hikifune is one of these companies.

Provide “Plating technology” in a new field

Finally, we asked him about the expansion of the “plating business” in the future. “About aluminum, we mainly handle camera parts (lens mounts and medical micro camera lens) now, but from now on we are aiming for the development of demand in automobile, hard disk and electronics fields.

Since brass is metal handled in many industries and is used for faucet metal fittings, parts for equipment, and etcetera, we would like to expand the demand for cars, home electric appliances and general goods.”

He mentioned the possibility of “plating” to many of these industries. Hikifune’s plating provides both Japan quality and low cost. They are attracting attention as a company who improves the plating quality in Thailand.

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