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SIAM Hikifune News!

Katsumi Kunii
General Manager

ISO Certification in Thailand
We formerly informed we received ISO9001:2015 certification. Since the establishment, we started operating the manual in Japan according to ISO9001:2015 even though we were in tough situation to train chemical handling, equipment maintenance and technical term.

Certificated by;PERRY JOHNSON REGISTRARS,INC.  Registration No.;C2018-00214

『Road to ISO certification』
It’s a long and tough way for us to explain and train our workers even though they have their own common sense. First of all, we started to train importance of handling chemical and wearing protective glass and gloves which is related to safe operation and preventive action.

We had a doubt if they wear these protectors during plating operation however they don’t wear helmet during riding on moto. (It is prohibited by Thailand ray). In otherwise, we had to start training workers with concern. Our doubt would be stronger when we started to record controlling process of chemical because our stock-take always has a mistake. Once trying to monitoring how they control chemical, we found out huge issue of our communication.

For example, during the replenishment, we thought we correctly showed quantity to them and they understood the number. It’s not difficult even both use different language. But, there is a huge misunderstanding. Plating solution is generally purchased by the “kg”, then, periodic replenishment indicates by the “ml”/”l”. So, they didn’t match without specific gravity calculation. It’s necessary for us to explain gravity. I’m sure the gravity has never been understood as a gesture.
We re-started training based on not only what we know but what they know and what skill they have.

ISO operation has just started. SIAM Hikifune arrange company policy and working environment that indicates everyone is aware of prevention, correction, efficiency and environment. We are making progress to expand our business of decorative plating, functional plating and metalized plating step by step as well as Thai economic growth

※Worker training by brainstorming

Katsumi Kunii Profile
General Manager of SIAM Hikifune, Katsui Kunii started his career as sales after graduating local public high school. He joined FP (Fine Plating) division with his more than 10 years’ experience of sales to sales promotion and facility expansion. In 2012, he was promoted to the position of General Manager for SIAM Hikifune since his strength in customer relationship and acknowledgement for manufacturing facility design.

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