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SIAM Hikifune News Chromium plated products by you in everywhere.

Katsumi Kunii
General Manager

We are sharing the knowledge of plating and metal, also, our internal event and some of useful topic to not only who is in Thailand but all over the world. In this time, we will invite you to world of chromium plating.


【Chromium Plating(Cr)】

Our factory has 2 of different chromium plating, Hexavalent chromium and Trivalent chromium. Our plating supports various business and industry.

What do you imagine to Chromium? There are lots of products which are done Chromium plating, ex. Iron for golf, automotive grill on front, faucet, etc… SIAM Hikifune has 2 types of chromium plating, trivalent and hexavalent. We’ll explain those chromium plating here.

Chromium, generally, is included in stainless steel, nickel also. Stainless steel has good hardness and anti-rust characteristic. It’s not too much to say that great characteristic comes from chromium. Even though hexavalent chromium solution is environmentally regulated, chromium plating as surface treatment is not harmful to environment neither human body since chromium plating on products is chromium as metal.

Chromium as metal, I mean chromium plating on product surface, is chromium (0). Either trivalent chrome or hexavalent chrome become chromium (0) as same metal when it is plated on material surface. Both chromium plating have above good characteristic. The difference is only how chromium solution become chromium as metal.

I’ll make it easy to explain. To build a volleyball team, it is necessary to gather 6 players. 6 players will be a great team. But, the government regulated to gather 6 persons to a team because this is very dangerous to control.

Then, to build a team, it is acceptable to gather only 3 players for 6 positions. Despite a team still needs 6 players, they can’t make great team. The only thing that is better than before, is easing to control a team. The difference between hexavalent chromium and trivalent chromium is same as above example.

SIAM Hikifune sends on topics latest news, plating acknowledge, corporate event, etc… around the world. If you have interested in our company, please contact us or visit our factory in Thailand.

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