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Workforces training in SIAM HIKIFUNE

Katsumi Kunii
General Manager

How to educate and train is one of the most essential subjects for all of whom have local subsidiaries. It is important for manufacturer to let all workforces understand and maintain 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) and KAIZEN.

「 Edcucation 」 for safe work and premise

At the first, we need to standardize how to count chemical usage. 1 liter of water is 1 kg, but, 1 liter of chemical is not always 1 kg since all chemical has specific gravity. It means, it’s impossible to calculate chemical usage as water one. (25 kg of chemical are NOT 25 batch if it is replenished 1 liter per time). In otherwise, weighing each replenishment by measure is too inefficient. Plating manufacturing needs to be familiar with electricity, chemistry and equipment. SIAM HIKIFUNE provides Copper plating, Nickel plating, Electro less Nickel plating and Chromium plating. Those plating solutions are designated poisonous and deleterious substances. Then, it is necessary for us to take environmentally friendly and safe actions and construct systems. Obviously, it is also necessary to train all workforces the way how to handling the actions and systems

Instruction Examples

Unique lecture for their understanding

We hold small lecture on internal monthly meeting including company experience over 87 years and plating technology.

We were trying to give our workforces attention for their easy understanding. Once, we held lecture with Calpis. Preparing Calpis, water, sparkling water and milk etc… then, everyone drinks Calpis on the market. After, we told them to make same taste Calpis with those ingredients. They started to mix Calpis, water and milk, then, added a few water, also sparkling water…As a result, no one make it.

Plating solution is almost same as Calpis. For example, Nickel plating solution contains Water, Nickel sulfate (powder), Nickel chloride (powder), Boric acid (powder) and Brightener (liquid). It is necessary to maintain accurate weigh, replenishment and stir.

More detail training to develop human resources

We started basic plating class by external lecturer from Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI) last year. The lecture will be held several times, from basic chemistry and specific gravity to redox.
We will proactively development and train human resources.

HIKIFUNE GROUP Management Philosophy

Be sure to be a company that is useful to society
Being a company that constantly creates new value
Being a company that does not collapse in any environment
Enriching all employees

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