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  • FA, Industrial Robot, attracting attention to themanufacturing industry in Japan, Thailand and the world

FA, Industrial Robot, attracting attention to themanufacturing industry in Japan, Thailand and the world


Attractive FA-related equipments and industrial robots

The strategic project "Industry 4.0" aiming at sophistication of the manufacturing industry and originally promoted by Germany is now being promoted on a global scale. We would say that manufacturing sites and the factory FA in the industry 4.0 era cannot avoid this situation. Demand for industrial robots is rapidly expanding worldwide and according to the announcement of the IFR (International Robot Federation), the number of industrial robots operating at factories around the world was about 1.88 million at the end of 2016. We also expect that the number of robots will increase to about 3,050,000 units by the end of 2020. We heard that Thailand is not an exception, and it encourages the introduction of robots in order to realize the "Thailand 4.0" promoted by the government.

Among Japanese makers, which dominates half of the world robot supply volume, UENO THAILAND, offers mainly the following products; DENSO WAVE, YAMAHA MOTORS (YAMAHA), and SANKYO SEISAKUSHO, which realizes high precision positioning by cam technology. As this is our first time, we would like to introduce to you


Left: Next-generation SCARA robot "HS-A1 series” with its improved speed and accuracy, succeeds with all the features of the HS series, which was popular with its space-saving design

Right: Vertically articulated robot "VS-050S 2 series" is adapted to strict sanitation requirements in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. It will contribute to the automation of manufacturing processes of pharmaceuticals and medical devices and preparation of drugs.

【Experts in human-friendly factory making, achieving high production efficiency】

DENSO boasts over 50 years of experience since the company began developing robots in 1967. During that time, it has enhanced the performance and quality of the robots by feedback from the technology, know-how and achievements cultivated through Toyota-Denso Group's manufacturing, which are considered one of the best in the world.
In particular, there is a reputation for "accuracy" and "high speed" to increase productivity, "compactification" to realize space saving and flexibility to work in many types of manufacturing sites, and "energy saving" to reduce power cost. It is widely used in various manufacturing fields such as the automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, and medical industries and so on. It is a market leader in the small industrial robot field.

【Spotlight to unique initiatives】

In addition, DENSO is attracting attention with unique projects using robots. Based on the robot "VS-050S 2" series for the pharmaceutical and medical industry, we developed the "Electronic King series". It became a hot topic in the game “Japanese chess electronic king,” which is a game involving a professional Japanese chess player and computer software. We are also trying to find new possibilities for industrial robots, such as developing a robot arm "Tourobotekun", which helps writing answers solved by artificial intelligence on an answer sheet instead of by a human.

【Extensive service and support system】

Regarding DENSO products, we offer vertical articulated robots with high general versatility such as painting, assembling and conveying, and scalar (horizontal articulated robots) used for vertical assembly and palletizing.
In addition, we regularly hold robot workshops in Thailand with Thai lecturers so that customers can use it more efficiently. We have also established a department specializing in service in Thailand to provide a secure support system.

Why don’t you introduce Denso's industrial robot, which is compact, high speed and excellent in energy saving, if you think about automation / FA within the limited space of the manufacturing site?

Last year we held the very first demonstration of a Denso robot in Thailand.

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