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  • Industrial Robot, Japan, Thailand and the world are attracted by Factory Automation related products

Industrial Robot, Japan, Thailand and the world are attracted by Factory Automation related products


The strategic project "Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0)" initiated by Germany aiming at the advancement of the manufacturing industry is now becoming a global standard in this new-era manufacturing industry. Nowadays, it has become a worldwide business trend and factory automation will be promoted more and more in production sites and factories. To support this prediction, the demand for industrial robots worldwide is rapidly expanding. According to IFR (International Robot Federation), the industrial robots operating in factories around the world will be approximately 3.05 million units in 2020, up from approximately 1.88 million units around the end of 2016.

We have heard that the Thai government is encouraging factories to introduce robots and FA in order to realize the national project “Thailand 4.0”. UENO THAILAND offers mainly the following products: Denso Wave, Yamaha Motor (YAMAHA), and Sankyo Seisakusho, which realizes high precision positioning by cam technology. Following the last article with Denso Wave (DENSO), we would like to introduce you to Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
― Revs your Heart ―

"YA series 7-axis robot" is ideal for compact cell construction, transportation/assembly of small parts and inspection processes. It also works to further manpower savings and productivity improvement.

Over 30 Years of Performance is a Proof of Trust

The Yamaha industrial robot was originally developed to automate a screw fastening process for two-wheel engines. Since its launch, we have continued to support production facilities in various industries and businesses, such as assembling electronic devices and electrical products, transporting automotive parts, and manufacturing liquid crystal panels.
The very first CAME robot model released in the market realized the compact, high-performance and smart design, and became such a hot topic in the industry. Even after that, we continue to develop and sell single axis robots, Cartesian robots, and horizontal articulated robots (SCARA robots). Recently vertical articulated robots have been added to the lineup. We are proud to offer the best variations in the industry.

Because we are Yamaha, we could realize robot integrated type vision systems

In addition to the variety of lineups, Yamaha also has its unique ROBOT VISION "iVY system" that collectively controls robots, cameras, lights, grippers by a robot program only and supports FA using images.

The latest robot vision "iVY system 2" contributes to man-hour savings. The ease of use compared to conventional machines still remains the same, but the specifications are greatly upgraded.

With the iVY system, you can easily perform calibration, which is the matching task of camera and robot coordinates in a short time, simply by operating according to the interactive instructions in the programming box. In addition, it is much easier to create a program when using a general-purpose vision system that performs all vision controls such as camera switching, image capture and work search with a robot program. It is widely used in labeling equipment in the food industry and in screw tightening of television panels in the electric and electronics industry.

FA/robotics enters into IoT business on a full scale

In addition, we have a plan to sell a package for remote management systems which monitors operated industrial robots remotely using network communication and maintains it if necessary at factories where they will have automatic (FA) production lines within 2018. We place high expectations on Yamaha's automation (FA) equipment and industrial robots in the near future.

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