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FA Related Products & Industrial Robots Indispensable for New Age Manufacturing Industry


The strategic project "Industry 4.0 (Industrie 4.0)" aiming at theadvancement of the manufacturing industry has been started in Germany. It is an urgent task at manufacturing sites and factories which entered the era of Industry 4.0. Demand for industrial robots in the world continues to expand rapidly. Thailand is not an exception. We have heard that the government has been boosting the introduction of robots to realize the national strategic project "Thailand 4.0".

UENO THAILAND offers mainly the following products; Denso Wave, Yamaha Motor (YAMAHA), and Sankyo Seisakusho, which realizes high precision positioning by cam technology. This time for the third time, we would like to introduce FA related products from Sankyo Seisakusho Co.

Make dreams come true with Sankyo Cam technology ― DREAMS CAM TRUE ―

Cam technology is a mechanical element that achieves the most reliable motion control, enabling highly accurate positioning at high speed with less energy without vibration during the movement and residual vibration from simple motion to more complicated movement without control software by mechanically controlling the speed and acceleration of movement, such as turning, moving, adjusting, and stopping.

Decide Fixed Positioning SANDEX

"SANDEX" (index cam device) has special properties such as high speed, high rigidity, high precision, structural compactness by combination of a roller gear cam and a cam follower. Thus, it is used for positioning of production equipment for accuracy and high efficiency including inspection machines, assembling machines and filling machines, and it has earned a good reputation.

In addition, we have massive lineups to handle any sizes and movements from the world's smallest ultra-compact type to ultra-large type. Other than rotary positioning devices (indexing drive / oscillating drive) such as indexing and swinging of major products, there is a positioning device (pick and place) combining straight and vertical movement.

Decide optional Positioning RollerDrive

"RollerDrive" is the ultimate rotating high-performance positioning unit, applying the roller gear cam mechanism which is excellent in accuracy, rigidity and durability. Traversal is powered with rolling surface contact by cam and roller follower. Its biggest feature is backlash free driving.

Thanks to this mechanism, we have developed various product variants specialized for each purpose, such as precise and smooth movement, high speed operation, high positioning accuracy, high torque for heavy load driving and high rigidity for processing quality improvement. As some examples of the employment of RollerDrive, it is used in a variety of scenes including positioning axis of machine tools, end surface polishing device for liquid crystal glass bases, large glass base transfer robot, positioner for large welding machines for automobile, automatic tracking device of solar power generation panels and LED selection machines.

Like in Japan, factory automation (FA), introduction of robots and labor cost increase have been discussed for a long time in Thailand. In terms of robotics, it is a future market we need to explore.

As we, UENO THAILAND, are a trading company of machinery tools, we don’t just sell robots but provide total support, such as producing and introducing specialized equipment and installing them on existing equipment while cooperating with our partner companies. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding applications such as image inspection, pick & place, work handling, deburring, coating equipment, assembly, regarding which we often have inquiries in Thailand.

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