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  • World No. 1 Taps! OSG Co., Ltd is a comprehensive tool maker providing services for the manufacturing industry in Thailand.

World No. 1 Taps! OSG Co., Ltd is a comprehensive tool maker providing services for the manufacturing industry in Thailand.


OSG Corporation (OSG), a comprehensive tool maker boasting the world’s No. 1 faucet global share market. Besides taps, we provide a wide range of tools such as end mills and rolling dies. We are also doing re-polishing and re-coating as well. We are not so concerned about No.1's position; we will continue to sensitively understand customer's needs and focus on research and development of new materials and the latest in coating technology.

“Shaping your dreams” OSG is making manufacturing company’s dreams come true.

Right, what would you like to know about OSG? If you are involved in the manufacturing industry, you might have already known OSG for global sales and manufacture of cutting tools with branches throughout the world.

OSG is a comprehensive tool maker established in America in 1968 under the philosophy of "Earth company". Now, it has established manufacture, sales and technical support systems in 33 countries around the world. It has a global perspective and continues to pioneer the world market constantly without cutting back on the present situation. It has a long history with many products, and its predecessor, Ozawa Screw Grinder was founded in Tokyo in 1938. This year will be 80 years for the production of tap dies. We supply many vital products for the manufacturing industry in Thailand with technical and product capabilities cultivated over the years, as well as proposal skills and creativity to exceed client expectations.

In addition, we are trying to solve our customer’s problems by focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies, such as new materials and the latest coatings. We continue to pursue our goal as “Shaping your dreams” to help customers to succeed with their goals. For us, we want to become a global market leader that contributes to the realization of the dreams of the global manufacturing industry.

Product lineup of OSG backed by solid technical force

As a company , OSG is proud to have world's largest share of the market, including not only the company's signboard products, taps, cutting tools end mills, drills, rolling tool dies, but also screw gauges. Highly accurate and high quality thread gauge that can be realized only because the company is familiar with screws has earned high praise within the industry.

At OSG Thailand (OSG Thai Co., Ltd.), we are involved in manufacturing dies for processing external threads, making end mills and drills, as well as regrinding and re-coating. Full-time re-grinding / re-coating staff confirm the state of cutting tool used and the tool’s condition. Since OSG Thailand re-polishes and re-coats, it will revive cutting tools with a stable high technology.

Supports Thai manufacturing industry with detailed delivery schedule management

UENO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (Ueno Thailand) is one of the distributors of OSG located in Thailand. Although our company does not hold a large quantity of products, we optimize our operation by controlling the delivery date based on customer enquiry. Our main clients are the automobile industry, and our products are also widely used by other industries which are required for cutting work, such as motorcycle, electric / electronic and housing-related industries.

Should you be looking for rotary tools, such as blades and end mills for milling machine (milling), please do not hesitate to contact us.

UENO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Bangkok Head Office
Tel : 02-319-8180 Email : utc@ueno.co.th
Mobile : 098-262-5135(Iwasa) Email : wakasa@ueno.co.th
Sriracha branch
Tel : 098-281-1050 Email:utc@ueno.co.th
Mobile:08-1833-9265(Fukigami) Email:fukigami@ueno.co.th
Chiang Mai Branch
Mobile:08-1833-9265(Fukigami) Email:fukigami@ueno.co.th

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Bangkok Head Office
Tel: +66(0)2-319-8180
Email: utc@ueno.co.th

Shiracha Branch
Tel: +66(0)98-281-1050
Email: sriracha@ueno.co.th

Chiang Mai Branch
Tel: +66(0)53-141-062
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