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Pneumatic Control Devices

SMC / Pneumatic Control Device

SMC's pneumatic control device is indispensable for manufacturing equipment and industrial robots.

SMC, a general manufacturer of pneumatic equipment, delivers products for various usage purposes as a total system. We have a product lineup of 700 thousand items to build a FA equipment system such as production lines and industrial robots. We would like to meet each customer's product needs.
· Direction control equipment
· Air cylinder
· Rotary actuator / Air chuck
· Electric actuator / Electric cylinder
· Vacuum equipment
· Compressed air purifier
· Modular FRL / Pressure control equipment
· Lubrication equipment
· Pipe fittings & tubes
· Drive control equipment / Speed Controller
· Silencer / Exhaust cleaner / Blow gun / Pressure gauge
· Switch / Sensor / Controller
· Static electricity countermeasure equipment (static elimination equipment)
· Fluid control equipment
· Chemical liquid valve / pipe fitting / needle valve / tube
· process pump (diaphragm type pump) · Temperature control equipment
· Process gas equipment
· High vacuum equipment
· Industrial filter / sintered metal element
· Auxiliary equipment and installment · hydraulic equipment

The person in charge is ME!


Inquiry Form

Please feel free to contact us from the form as below.

We accept by phone and email.

Contact Us

Bangkok Head Office
Tel: +66(0)2-319-8180
Email: utc@ueno.co.th

Shiracha Branch
Tel: +66(0)98-281-1050
Email: sriracha@ueno.co.th

Chiang Mai Branch
Tel: +66(0)53-141-062
Email: chiangmai@ueno.co.th

Contact person
Mobile: +66(0)81-833-9265
Email: fukigami@ueno.co.th

Mobile: +66(0)81-831-4976
Email: itti@ueno.co.th