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  • World Kogyo (Thailand) is ready to launch new products at ProPak Asia 2019!【Sheet Shutter】

World Kogyo (Thailand) is ready to launch new products at ProPak Asia 2019!【Sheet Shutter】

World Kogyo (Thailand) 

ProPak Asia is an exhibition of industrial products and technology regarding production, processing and packaging process in Asia including Thailand. The upcoming ProPak Asia 2019 will be held for the 27th time. For this year, World Kogyo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. intends to exhibit new products at ProPak Asia 2019 as well.


New product that will be exhibited is ROLLFREEZER, a door with additional features suitable for use in cold rooms that need fast open-close, and specifically designed for temperature control rooms that have both positive and negative temperatures. With a special double curtain structure with insulation, it can work in temperature from 5 degrees Celsius to -35 degrees Celsius.
It also comes with a temperature-adjusted heater to prevent the formation of ice during cooling. Energy-saving and good air storage, it is very suitable for use in food factories, freezer rooms, fresh food factories, pharmaceutical factories, or factories that have to maintain the temperature to preserve the products.

We would like to invite you to come and see ROLLFREEZER and other products at our booth AB59, Hall 98 at PROPAK Asia 2019, held between 12-15 June 2019 at BITEC Bangna. We are happy to answer any questions and give advice to everyone.

■If you are interested in sheet shutters of World Kogyo (Thailand), please contact us through the inquiry form.

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