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  • World Kogyo’s new factory and featured product in 2020!

World Kogyo’s new factory and featured product in 2020!

World Kogyo (Thailand)

WORLD KOGYO (THAILAND) is the manufacturer and distributor of high-speed automatic roller shutter doors under the brand "Rollway" in Thailand.

From experience and success in the production, distribution and installation of automatic roller shutter door for over 40 years of World Kogyo Company Limited of Japan, which is recognized in international standards and has the highest sales volume in 2008. Therefore, World Kogyo (Thailand) Company Limited has been established to support the Thai market and in order to expand the domestic customer base including the ASEAN region.

In 2020, World Kogyo (Thailand) is still aiming to develop in various fields. We have compiled a list of things to watch in this article.

"World Kogyo" signed the contract to build and expand a new factory in the Ratchaphruek Road Area

Ms. Pimolphan Takeda, President of World Kokyo (Thailand) Company Limited, a specialist in the production and distribution of high-speed automatic roller shutters under the trademark "Rollway", Japanese technology made in Thailand under quality control from WORLD KOGYO of Japan signed a factory construction contract with Mee Suk Corporation (2006) Company Limited, project’s contractor for the construction of the new factory on the land next to Ratchaphruek Road for high-speed automatic roller shutter door products to cover the increasing demand of customers both domestically and in the ASEAN region.

New products introduction of World Kogyo for 2020

In 2020, World Kogyo (Thailand) Company Limited has introduced new products under the product name "ROLLASKA-I" (Hi-speed sheet shutter), high-speed automatic roller shutters that reduce the flow of air from the outside by installing a special mechanism that prevents inflows from the top. This product is suitable for food processing plants, equipment factories that require high precision, etc, which require extremely hygienic environments. It is equipped with a mechanism to return to its original position when it comes into contact with the sheet shutter in the factory. It is also a new Hi -speed sheet shutter that is excellent in energy saving and imported from Europe.

Feature 1: Sealed guarantee

With the installation of a special mechanism that prevents the inflow from the top, it helps reduce the inflow of air from the outside to be a hi-speed sheet shutter that is most suitable and best for the food processing business, equipment manufacturing which needs high accuracy, etc, which needs special environment control.

Feature 2: Mechanism to return to the original position

Mechanism is installed to return the canvas to its original position when bumping into Sheet shutter canvas. It has been designed to be durable to help prevent damage to the canvas while moving away from the spur and automatically pull back the spur.

Feature 3: Energy saving

It can save energy at a level that shutter doors cannot do. We have brought the knowledge gained from long experience in the distribution of Sheet shutter in this ROLLASKA-I, as well as the knowledge of experienced experts to develop to achieve the highest efficiency while the motor bears the least load.

Feature 4: Environmental conservation development

ROLLASKA-I is considered a product with high sealing performance, therefore, is suitable for customers who think that ROLLWAY is not completely closed. With the installation of 2 layers of curtain in the factory together with Interlock, it helps us to save more energy.

Feature 5: High-speed opening and closing

ROLLASKA-I, being able to help reduce the motor load, has a high opening and closing speed. Therefore, it helps to work in the factory more conveniently. Moreover, with the speed of opening and closing, it helps to reduce the inflow of air and greatly increases the efficiency of the insulation of the curtains, making us feel warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Feature 6: Excellent durability

Other than motor improvements, durability has been improved by reducing the load on other driving parts that are performed on the door, eliminating the weaknesses of the traditional Zipper model and having a structure that protects deterioration and damage, therefore, can be used more durably.

In addition to the aforementioned, in 2020, World Kogyo (Thailand) aims to develop to be able to fully meet the needs of customers.

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