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WORLD KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD., About Product Marketing

Dr.Rattapon Sunson(Dr.New)
Managing Director

Introduction of World Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its product marketing

World Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. manufactures, sells and provides after-services for high-speed sheet shutters consistently in-house. Our product, the high-speed sheet shutter, is registered and trademarked under the name of "Roll Way.”

Our company was established in order to expand the ASEAN regional sales of World Kogyo, which has manufactured and sold high-speed sheet shutters for over 40 years.


The head office and factory of World Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi Province.
We are constantly striving to provide high quality products and services to our customers as a top priority on a daily basis. In order to provide customer's satisfaction and the best products in Thailand and Asia, we conduct strict quality inspections as well as market research. The factory of Nonthaburi has acquired ISO 9001: 2015 certification and guarantees the processes from manufacturing to the shipment of products. In addition, we have a customer service center covering all of Thailand to ensure a thorough follow-up to our customers.


The greatest feature of the high-speed sheet shutter "Roll Way" is its unique opening and closing technology and method which rolls up from the bottom and positions itself apart from other products. By adopting this method, we reduce the load on motors and contribute to energy conservation. Furthermore, it can be used in various industries because it is designed to withstand dust, noise, temperature change and wind pressure in addition to its unique opening and closing operation. It is most suitable for industrial fields that require management for "GMP", "HACCP", "ISO 5001", "ISO 14001" and etcetera, especially for fields such as automobile parts, electronic parts and food industries.

Due to the above features, the high-speed sheet shutter "Roll Way" is used as an advantage in various industries. For more detailed product information, please access the following URL or contact our call center or smart service center.

World Kogyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Call center
093 150 0093

Smart service center
092 248 1222

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