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Each country support Japanese! About overseas sales system of World Industry (Thailand)

Keishiro Nakano
International Department Manager

Development of high speed sheet shutter "ROLLWAY" in Thailand and ASEAN

World Industry Co., Ltd. has over 40 years of history since we started designing, manufacturing and selling high speed sheet shutters (Registered name: ROLLWAY). In Thailand, we have celebrated the 10th anniversary of manufacturing, local sales, and export sales to neighboring countries.

Our company considers "customer satisfaction" to be our first priority. Our product uses parts from Japanese manufacturers as its main components, and it has a basic structure that is simple and easy to maintain. We have repeatedly refined the materials and construction to adapt to the climate of ASEAN, guaranteeing quality and durability. The exported goods support each country's power supply specifications. On the price side, using the tax exemption system within the ASEAN region (Issuance of Form D) and the reduction of shipping cost due to distance, we have been able to save customers even more money.. About the delivery, shortening the delivery lead time by utilizing short distance transportation routes, maximizes the merits of the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition, wooden box packing is carried out for each product type to prevent damage, lack of parts during transportation, misplacement at the installation site, etc.

We arrange distributors (our oversea agents) to major countries in ASEAN, and do all aspects of business from sales to installation work, maintenance, and after-sales service. Staff in charge of each distributor have taken sales training and technical training programs at our company. In training, they were studying about product use and product knowledge in various environments (dust, insects, countermeasures against air conditioning and its factors, combined use with other methods, etc.), so we have the ability to propose optimum solutions for customer's requirement.

Our global team and staff regularly visit distributors of each country and their customers. We are making efforts to gather information, promotion activities (such as exhibitions at exhibitions/conventions), and to create a system that can provide timely services according to the situation of each country and each distributor.

About overseas agencies in ASEAN countries

Here, we will introduce our overseas agencies in each ASEAN country (Contact information is on each link, please refer to our category "Introduction of oversea agents")


Setsuyo Astec Co., Ltd. (left) and Himalaya Everest Jaya Co., Ltd. (right)

There are two agencies in Indonesia. "Setsuyo Astech Co., Ltd. (Jakarta)" is a local affiliate of a Japanese trading company, and supports both Japanese and English. In addition, cooperating companies are located in Semarang and Surabaya. Another agency, "Himalaya Everest Jaya Co., Ltd. (Jakarta)" is a community-based local company with branch offices throughout Indonesia. It also serves as a distributor of major Japanese manufacturers, so you can contact them in English.


FE Lin Co., Ltd. (left) and Space Cooling Co., Ltd. (right)

There are also two agencies in Vietnam. Fei Lin Co., Ltd. (Hanoi) is a manufacturer and distributor of power equipment with headquarters in Taiwan, supporting Japanese, Chinese and English. Local Capital Space Cooling Co., Ltd. (Hanoi) is a company which conducts business from air conditioning related equipment to construction and after-sales service, and you can inquire in Japanese and English. Both companies have branch offices in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang.


Local capital Asia Integrated Machine Co., Ltd. (Manila) conducts sales of machines which are related to the food and beverage industry and to after-sales service, and supports Japanese and English. We also cover Cebu Island and Mindanao Island (Davao, Jensan).


OPK Co., Ltd. (Selangan) is Japanese-affiliated joint venture company, which manufactures and sells material handling equipment, constructs and after-sales service, and it supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay and Indian. There are branches in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, and Singapore is also covered.


Appearance of DI Lotus Co., Ltd. and office interior view

In Myanmar, there is the DI Lotus Co., Ltd. (Yangon) which is funded by Singaporean capital. DI Lotus is a designated company for floor painting work of Japanese paint makers, and it will support with Japanese, Chinese, and English.

The above was the overview of our overseas sales system.
Regarding other countries and regions, we will directly support them.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact the above agencies and our global team.


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