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  • The World Kogyo of high speed sheet shutter, favored in Japan and Thailand.

The World Kogyo of high speed sheet shutter, favored in Japan and Thailand.

Kan Ushijima
Sales & marketing senior advisor
WORLD KOGYO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was founded 43 years ago in 1974, wishing to "flap big in the world market" with our own technology without depending on other companies. The General Electric Company in the United States has become an important customer of World Kogyo from the beginning of its establishment until the present day.
In 1987, we developed our own high-speed sheet shutter "ROLLWAY", which is our main product. World Kogyo manufactures, sells, installs and maintains “ROLLWAY” consistently in-house. We are constantly thinking about how to improve the technology of our company from mold design to production facilities and constantly think about "what products can be accepted into the market", with ideas from our company's history and experience are condensed.
ROLLWAY adopts a unique characteristic driving method (rolling up from the bottom) rollup method. Due to the ease of maintenance, we received favorable reviews. Initially it was aimed at insecticidal, dustproof, temperature and humidity control, but because it opened and closed quickly. It also resulted in improved workability, so it was decided to adopt it in each industry. It is now widely used for a variety of purposes including soundproofing, deodorizing, shading measures, super-large shutters, and shutters for partitioning in factories.

From Thailand, to Asia
We have established Thai corporation to enter the developing Asian market. The same as Japan, it provides manufacturing and sales activities. In selling Thailand, measures such as sudden rain, waterproof , birds protection and the like other than for purpose of use in Japan are required.
As measures against birds, wind has to pass through the factory and warehouse, so we also developed mesh curtain specifications. From the security point of view, there is also a driving method that manages with a fingerprint recognition, a card sensor, etc. at the entrance of the factory. Besides, because there are unique problems in Thailand and South Asia (high temperature, high humidity, squall, power supply instability, etc.), our products have repeatedly been tested with target of 1 million times.
We adopted only things that have cleared our own strict test and our technical staff feed back to the maker with problems for providing necessary corrective actions. We are also inspecting parts etc. to protect our regulated quality. "Rollway" made in Thailand we export to neighboring countries and we have about 600 end users in Thailand. Among them, 90 construction companies, such as buildings and facilities, are counted, and the achievements have been steadily accumulated in the ASEAN market. We are happy that it is becoming a company that will play a role in the future World Kogyo group. From now on, there are plans to leave the operation to Thai staffs and to advance complete 「localization」. We are willing to develop human resources with enough time and affection.

To be the Company which gets close to each new Generation and Customer
Our management philosophy is "to combine wisdom and creativity and provide value that will satisfy our customers around the world". Although it is small, World Kogyo has its own sales department. For over 40 years, our company has survived through eras of ups and downs with original technology and imagination. In order to continue to be a company that is beneficial to society, we also foster talent who will be responsible for the next generation and invest in new business as much as possible. In the future we will not forget to "listen to the customer's voice." We will always keep in mind that we are a company that is necessary for everyone in the world, and we will strive to be the best for all our employees. We sincerely appreciate your continuous patronage and guidance and encouragement.

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